Here are the spiciest memes from Pokémon Sword and Shield

The legendaries are literally partly made of a sword and a shield. Come on.


Rachel Kiley

Internet Culture

Posted on Jun 5, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 11:11 am CDT

It’s the day Pokémon fans have been waiting for. A Nintendo Direct presentation revealing all-new details about the upcoming Pokémon Sword & Shield games happened earlier this morning.

And while the Switch RPGs definitely stirred up some excitement among fans, they stirred up something a little bit spicier as well. After all, you can’t have new games without also having new memes.

Alright, let’s back it up a bit.

One of the biggest (lol) meme targets was the introduction of a new battle feature called Dynamax. Basically, you can now make your Pokémon really, really big. Kind of like how at the end of almost every Power Rangers battle, the monsters would suddenly get gigantic for no discernible reason.

And of course, there’s the introduction of new Pokémon and characters to take into consideration. Not only are we getting five new buddies to catch and train, but the game is also introducing new trainers and characters, including Professor Magnolia of the Galar region and her granddaughter-slash-assistant, trainer Sonia.


People already really love that little sheep.

But let’s not forget the legendary Pokémon. Historically, we’ve got some awesome legendaries like Mewtwo and Giratina and Lugia. But this time around, the folks at Nintendo are going really, really literal with the “Sword and Shield” of it all, introducing legendary Pokémon Zaclan and Zamazenta, who, um, have an actual sword (Zaclan) and shield (Zamazenta) in their mouths.



All jokes aside, we’re beyond ready for the new core games of the Pokémon franchisememability and all. Unfortunately, we still have to wait until Nov. 15 for them to be released.

But on the bright side, that gives the internet the space to come up with even more amazing Pokémon memes in the memetime.


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*First Published: Jun 5, 2019, 1:41 pm CDT