butters hello kitty island adventure south park

The ‘Hello Kitty Island Adventure’ joke from ‘South Park’ is now a real video game

The reason Butters is always on the computer has become a reality.

On by Mike Hadge

woman speaking caption 'I hate people' (l) Nintendo Switch on wooden table (c) woman speaking caption 'I hate people' (r)

‘She called corporate saying I broke her screen protector’: GameStop worker says ‘Karen’ wanted to exchange ‘perfectly good’ Nintendo Switch

‘It was almost a brand new Animal Crossing Switch and guess what she wanted?’

On by Brooke Sjoberg

best rpgs on switch featured - final fantasy

10 best RPGs on Switch: All the hottest new arrivals

Switch up your collection with these hot new additions.

On by AJ Dellinger

indie games on switch featured

The best indie games on Nintendo Switch right now

Don’t miss the biggest new games to hit the indie scene.

On by AJ Dellinger

8bitdo sn30 pro plus review

Everything a Switch controller can do, 8BitDo SN30 Pro Plus can do better

A better––and cheaper––Pro Controller alternative.

On by Jaime Carrillo

a pokemon trainer (left) and pokemon in pokemon legends arceus

Pokémon fans react to announcement of new games

Remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl!

On by Michelle Jaworski

Nintendo Switch multiplayer co-op

12 best multiplayer co-op games for Nintendo Switch

Switch gaming is made for friends.

On by Matt Silverman


Why you need an 8BitDo controller (or two) in your life

The best third-party controllers worth your cash.

On by Jaime Carrillo

Nintendo Prime Day deals

These Prime Day deals on Nintendo games are worth your gold coins

Snap them up while you still can!

On by Colette Bennett

Netflix on switch

No, there’s not a root-free workaround to get Netflix on Switch consoles

Nintendo wants to focus on the Switch as a gaming console.

On by Brooke Sjoberg

nookazon animal crossing amazon

Animal Crossing fans start Amazon-like site to buy ‘products’ with bells

People are even putting their villagers up for sale.

On by Rachel Kiley

Homepage article image

Nintendo removes ‘Cooking Mama: Cookstar’ from its eShop almost as quickly as it was released

Rumors are starting to circulate about why the game was removed.

On by Brooke Sjoberg

animal crossing bodies meme

Everyone is playing ‘Animal Crossing’ under quarantine

People are staying in and making memes about the game.

On by David Britton

Nintendo online services down

Nintendo’s online services go down just before ‘Animal Crossing’ release

The timing isn’t ideal.

On by Nahila Bonfiglio


‘The Wonderful 101: Remastered’ Kickstarter campaign annihilates crowdfunding goal

The video game reached its goal thirty times over in just one week.

On by Ignacio Martinez

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