Here are all the best Pokémon Sleep memes from a very tired internet


Pokémon Go has been dominating the world this year. Now the Pokémon Company wants to dominate our sleep cycle because it’s rolling out a new app called Pokémon Sleep.

At a press conference in Tokyo on Tuesday, the Pokémon Company announced some new Pokémon-themed mobile apps.

Perhaps the strangest of the announcements was Pokémon Sleepan app that “aims to turn sleeping into entertainment by having a player’s time spent sleeping, and the time they wake up, affect the gameplay.”

Concerns about dystopian surveillance states aside, it’s a peculiar take on a brand that has made its most recent waves by encouraging people to get out of the house rather than curl up in bed.

The game works as a sleep tracker, monitoring your sleep cycle and encouraging you to get some dang rest. It works in tandem with Pokémon Go and the Pokémon Go Plus + tracker.

As you can imagine, the internet has wasted no time in riffing on the whole idea. 

There’s a Pokémon Sleep meme for those who enjoy putting off addressing their depression with some good old fashioned shut-eye.

These folks raise a valid question: Which Pokémon would you sleep in bed with?

Of course, it’s not Pokémon if it’s not at least a little cute.

Some people are just never satisfied with only one game.

Then there’s all the rest.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for my scheduled mid-workday nap. Pokémon Sleep is coming in 2020, so wake me up then.


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Joseph Knoop

Joseph Knoop

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