(l-r) paul dano, mateo zoryan francis-deford, and michelle williams in the fabelmans

In ‘The Fabelmans,’ Steven Spielberg turns the camera on himself

It's his most personal movie yet.

On Nov 22, 2022 by Michelle Jaworski

Steven and Mikaela Spielberg

Steven Spielberg’s daughter is launching a career in adult entertainment

'My body, my life, my income, my choice.'

On Feb 20, 2020 by Nahila Bonfiglio


You’ll only be able to watch Steven Spielberg’s horror streaming series after midnight

The filmmaker wanted to add an extra scooping of spooky.

On Jun 11, 2019 by Michelle Jaworski

Netflix still eligible Oscars

Netflix movies are still eligible for Oscars, Academy rules

Steven Spielberg will not be pleased.

On Apr 24, 2019 by Nahila Bonfiglio

Apple TV+ shows Tim Cook

Here’s every show that was announced at the Apple TV+ kickoff

People were really excited about Oprah.

On Mar 25, 2019 by Josh Katzowitz

netflix steven spielberg

Steven Spielberg didn’t just declare war on Netflix—he’s fighting the future

The director's fight for the soul of cinema is on the wrong side of history.

On Mar 8, 2019 by Nico Lang

steven spielberg

Netflix responds to Steven Spielberg

The rivalry heats up.

On Mar 4, 2019 by Michelle Jaworski


Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg videos show YouTube still has a conspiracy problem

YouTube's still scrambling to contain one of its biggest problems.

On Jul 30, 2018 by Audra Schroeder

steven spielberg blackhawk

Steven Spielberg is adapting the classic DC comic ‘Blackhawk’

He's a longtime fan of the 1940s fighter pilot comic 'Blackhawk.'

On Apr 18, 2018 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Upstream podcast discusses Ready Player One

Upstream podcast: ‘Ready Player One’ is fun but dumb

Don't think too hard about this movie. Consume and move on.

On Apr 6, 2018 by Audra Schroeder

ready player one wade watts

‘Ready Player One’ is a visual treat that will leave you empty

Steven Spielberg builds a new virtual world with little heart.

On Mar 30, 2018 by Michelle Jaworski

Steven Spielburg addressed Carl's Jr. 'spielburgers' in a selfie video, insisting the fast food company 'cease and desist.'

Steven Spielberg says he wants nothing to do with Carl’s Jr. ‘SpielBurgers’

Is he trolling?

On Mar 28, 2018 by Kris Seavers

ready player one

‘Ready Player One’ featurette gives fans a new glimpse at our digital future

‘Virtual reality will be a super drug.’

On Jan 22, 2018 by Michelle Jaworski

Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro turns innocuous award presentation into profanity-fueled Trump rant

He had some, um, interesting nicknames for the president.

On Jan 10, 2018 by Ramon Ramirez

steven spielberg

Apple is rebooting Steven Spielberg’s ‘Amazing Stories’ sci-fi series

Apple wants to be a hub for premium entertainment. 

On Oct 10, 2017 by Danielle Ransom