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Logan Paul is already a superstar on Twitch—and gamers are livid
'Dear, Logan Paul. Keep your toxic a** on YouTube. Sincerely, Everyone on Twitch.'
Overwatch League restricts use of the Pepe the frog meme
Pepe is about to become quite rare for Overwatch League.
J.K. Rowling retweets a 15-year-old’s heart-wrenching poem
The poem has now been seen by thousands.
Paris Hilton’s ‘Infinity War’ meme just put everyone else’s to shame
This is the most epic crossover event. Period.
Jessica Jones’ season 2 is actually Marvel’s darkest origin story
Hellcat's origin story shows the dark side of female empowerment.
Seek app helps you identify plants and animals with your phone
Point, shoot, and finally learn what type of tree that is.
Sea of Thieves servers struggle as the game hits 1 million players
It's not easy keeping that many people online, and Sea of Thieves is sagging under the weight.
Detective Pikachu for Nintendo 3DS is colorful, but not a knockout
The city is alive with the sounds of Pokémon.
Nintendo announces Super Smash Bros. Switch tournament for June
It just might be our first glimpse of Super Smash Bros. Switch.
This frustrated Overwatch player just made therapy cool for angry gamers
His wife gave him a mood worksheet, and everyone else wanted one, too.
‘Pacific Rim’ actor Charlie Day says slash fanfic informed his performance
He says his character is in love with the scientist Herman Gottlieb.
Marvel vs. DC: Which comics universe reigns supreme?
The Marvel vs. DC debate has been raging for almost a century.
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