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‘Game of Thrones’ fans are loving Bran Stark’s first week at college
He's studying math at Birmingham University, England.
‘Blade Runner’ is getting an anime sequel
It's by the director of 'Cowboy Bebop.'
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'The Defenders' attracted a fraction of the audience for other Marvel shows.
The top 20 female superheroes of all time
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The Archie universe is about to get supernatural.
Republicans distrust science news more than Democrats, study finds
Everyone thinks science journalism could use some work.
‘Wonder Woman’ gets the chuckle-worthy Honest Trailer we all knew was coming
It's hard to hate on the best film in the DC Extended Universe.
Gamer flees Mexico City earthquake while live on Twitch
He's urging followers to help out in any way they can.
Lucius Malfoy actor calls Sean Spicer a ‘festering abscess’ after the Emmys
He described Spicer as a 'festering abscess' and a 'poisonous purveyor of lies.'
Dungeon master takes D&D to the next level with high-tech gaming table
This awesome Dungeons and Dragons table has a built-in touch screen.
Here’s how Arya and Brienne prepped for their infamous ‘Game of Thrones’ duel
This fight scene required a unique kind of choreography.
6 ways ‘Game of Thrones’ has changed the real world
The show has already seeped into our world enough to continue being part of it after it's over.