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This biotech company’s logo is almost straight out of Resident Evil
Is this a sign of the impending zombie apocalypse?
Netflix’s ‘Leila’ tells a familiar dystopian horror story
Huma Qureshi stars as a mother desperate to reunite with her daughter.
Netflix announces Samurai version of ‘Game of Thrones’
This historically accurate series will look at warring kingdoms in feudal Japan.
Borderlands 3 preview suggests the aging series can still hang with the cool kids
It's more Borderlands, and we're not complaining yet.
‘Men in Black: International’ fails its charismatic stars
Trapped in a slow and unfunny reboot of an iconic film, Hemsworth and Thompson deserved better.
This illustration perfectly sums up the end of ‘Game of Thrones’
It's a culmination of everything that led to that moment.
Jonathan Frakes has some questions for you in new meme
The 'Star Trek' actor is the subject of yet another meme.
‘Dark Phoenix’s alien villains were originally filmed as Skrulls
Is that why they had to reshoot the dang ending?
Face the Consequences will spice up your stale Cards Against Humanity game
Make your next board game night less of a bored game night with this unique expansion deck.
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