Steven Spielburg addressed Carl's Jr. 'spielburgers' in a selfie video, insisting the fast food company 'cease and desist.'


Steven Spielberg says he wants nothing to do with Carl’s Jr. ‘SpielBurgers’

Is he trolling?


Kris Seavers


Carl’s Jr. announced Monday it would be changing the name of its $1 Charbroiled Burgers to SpielBurgers in anticipation of Steven Spielberg’s coming film Ready Player OneBut the prolific film director isn’t having it (or so he says).

Spielberg tweeted a selfie video via Amblin Entertainment on Tuesday with his “official statement.”

“They’re pretty good, but I’m passing,” Spielberg said about the SpielBurgers. “Cease and desist, you can’t do it, sorry guys.”

With his response, the SpielBurger plot thickens.

Following the video, people on Twitter rolled in the rhetorical response wagon with other ideas for products incorporating Spielbergisms.

Some had advice for Carl’s Jr. Why not just call the burger Señor Spielbergo, of Simpsons fame?

People also said they were impressed with Spielberg’s command of the selfie video–but, duh? He’s won three Oscars for filmmaking.

The question is, what’s Carl’s Jr.’s move now? USA Today reported earlier this week that the fast food chain has a licensing agreement with Ready Player One. So the director could just be trolling to play the PR game.

Maybe Spielberg just wanted an excuse to show off his very, very long hallway.

But if Carl’s Jr. really has to rescind its menu change, here’s the second-best option.

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