influencer and youtuber jeffree star rolling his eyes with his hands on his head, photo of a yak on his Star Yak Farm in Wyoming

‘I thought he treated them like family’: Jeffree Star is selling Yak meat from his Star Yak Ranch—and many fans are shocked

“Star killing yaks…is a pivot I genuinely did not see coming.”

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jeffree star (l) person with 'we need the dirt on Jeffreee!!!!' caption (r)

TikToker claims they once got Jeffree Star booted from Neopets

It allegedly happened well before Star became famous.

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jeffree star

Video: Jeffree Star denies Kanye West rumors after viral TikTok

‘I’m single, I’m not sleeping with anyone.’

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kanye west and jeffree star

TikToker admits she made up rumor about Kanye West and Jeffree Star (updated)

The TikTok user says her source is an L.A. lawyer.

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Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star allegedly paid hush money to man who accused him of sexual assault

The accuser later reportedly retracted his allegations.

On by Samira Sadeque

jeffree star

Jeffree Star’s ex says Instagram account claiming their relationship was fake is an impersonator

The chaos continues.

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jeffree star alleges boyfriend stole

Jeffree Star accuses new boyfriend of stealing his stuff in explosive Instagram post

The beauty guru went public with the accusations.

On by Brianna Holt

jeffree star boyfriend Andre Marhold

People guess identity of Jeffree Star’s boyfriend based on tattoos

‘Worry about how to pay your own bills, not who’s in my mouth.’

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Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star flamed for name-dropping Black people killed by cops in apology video

It’s classic ‘hijack-tivism.’

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Jeffree Star

Morphe drops Jeffree Star from its brand amid controversies

Jeffree Star is getting called out for old racist videos.

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Jeffree Star's Cremated palette

People think Jeffree Star is insensitive after announcing new eyeshadow palette ‘Cremated’

He announced it as the world experiences the worst pandemic in a century.

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jeffree star talking about dahvie vanity accusations

Jeffree Star gets called out for ‘lying’ about Dahvie Vanity’s sexual assault allegations

Jeffree Star said he had no previous knowledge about accusations against the Blood On The Dance Floor singer.

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Jeffree Star Mason Disick

Jeffree Star feuding with Kourtney Kardashian’s 10-year-old son

Mason Disick called him ‘spoiled AF.’

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Shane Dawson Jeffree Star coronavirus

Shane Dawson is worried he infected Jeffree Star with coronavirus

‘I think I had the corona. I think everybody around me had the corona.’

On by Josh Katzowitz

Jeffree star dm slide nba players

Jeffree Star says he’s got 3 NBA players in the DMs

His comments sent NBA Twitter into a firestorm.

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