Three split of man boxing against pregnant wife

That viral kirramahaley_ gender reveal boxing TikTok, explained

“Everyday we see a new reason why ‘Idiocracy’ is becoming a documentary.”

On by Anna Good

Target shopper catches customer returning baby shower gift

‘I found your gift returned’: Target shopper catches customer returning baby shower gift

‘I would never use dreft and return it too.’

On by Stacy Fernandez

Couple has gender reveal right at their table at Chili’s. It doesn’t go to plan

‘This happened to us too’: Couple has gender reveal right at their table at Chili’s. It doesn’t go to plan 

‘I’m sorry but not entirely sure about this reveal.’

On by Eric Webb

IHOP workers with 'it's a BOY' paper in hand (l) IHOP building with sign (c) IHOP workers adding blue frosting inside pancake layers (r)

‘AT IHOP????’: Customers ask IHOP server to turn their pancakes into gender reveal surprise

‘They seem happier than some people spending thousands of dollars on a [reveal]!’

On by Brooke Sjoberg

gender reveal party (l) (m) woman looking stunned (r)

‘I would have been extremely upset’: Father-to-be cheers with the boys before girlfriend at gender reveal party in viral TikTok, sparking debate

‘He could’ve ignored them tho for a second.’

On by Kathleen Wong

TikTok pee gender reveal myth

‘That is vile’: TikToker flamed for peeing in drinking cup to find out baby’s gender

‘Girl not in a DRINKING glass.’

On by Cecilia Lenzen

A father reacting to a gender reveal on TikTok

‘I hope his daughter doesn’t see this when she’s older’: TikTok video of dad’s reaction to gender reveal has viewers outraged

‘Why would he have that reaction?’

On by Mikael Thalen

video from fatal gender reveal party in cancun in which two pilots were killed

Gender reveal plane crash that killed 2 captured on video

One attendee reportedly joked before the accident: ‘It’s all good as long as it doesn’t end up crashing into us!’

On by Eilish O’Sullivan

photo of cannon during gender reveal party

How many gender reveal deaths have there been in the U.S.?

A detailed timeline of the increasingly commonplace tragedies.

On by Ramon Ramirez

Chris Pekny and girlfriend - gender-reveal explosion

Yet another gender reveal device explodes, killing father-to-be who built it

The gender reveal phenomenon has claimed another victim.

On by Nahila Bonfiglio

gender reveal party kills man

Cannon explosion at gender reveal party kills 26-year-old man

The homeowner responsible reportedly had fired the cannon several times before.

On by Phil West

gender reveal fire

Gender reveal party explosion sparks memes

‘We watched the world burn because we didn’t care about nature.’

On by Onaje McDowelle

alligator gender revel

This is probably the first family to use an alligator at a gender reveal party

If you already run an alligator farm, you might as well use one for your gender reveal party.

On by David Britton

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