IHOP workers with 'it's a BOY' paper in hand (l) IHOP building with sign (c) IHOP workers adding blue frosting inside pancake layers (r)

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‘AT IHOP????’: Customers ask IHOP server to turn their pancakes into gender reveal surprise

'They seem happier than some people spending thousands of dollars on a [reveal]!'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Sep 7, 2023

Service industry workers can get roped into a variety of situations trying to satisfy customers. From strange requests for undercooked fish, or an obscene amount of tomatoes on a sandwich, to delivering flowers to the mother of a customer’s child, many such instances have made their way to TikTok.

In the spirit of providing good service, a pair of IHOP servers were asked to turn a customer’s stack of pancakes into a gender reveal surprise.

In a video posted TikTok by @b.3ttyboop, the creator and her co-worker prepare the stack of pancakes as a gender reveal, drawing over 5 million views as of Thursday morning.

“My table wants a gender reveal,” one of the servers from the restaurant says in the video. “Oh my god, I’m so excited. We’re about to do this, we’re going to open it. Don’t say what it is, we’re opening it right now.”

Once they open the documentation of the baby’s gender, the two employees mix together whipped cream and blue food coloring to put in the middle of a stack of pancakes to tell the proud parents what the gender of their baby will be.

“This made my day so much,” the video is captioned. “They were so happy.” 

@b.3ttyboop bye this made my day sm they were so happy #ihopgenderreveal #babyboy ♬ original sound – princess

The Daily Dot has reached out to @b.3ttyboop via Instagram direct message regarding the video.

Some commenters shared that they had similarly been asked to participate in special occasions for customers in their serving jobs, or that they had done their gender reveal through a restaurant as well.

“I did a proposal at my job and wrote it w chocolate,” one commenter wrote. “It was so cute.”

“I did this with my first born i ordered bone in wings for a boy and boneless for girl the server was sooooo great with it too!!!!” another commented.

Many viewers were concerned about the servers touching the pancakes without gloves. However, many states do not require restaurant employees to wear gloves as long as they follow a hand-washing policy.

“Soooo cuteee!!! But the gloves,” one commenter wrote. “Is that the what she realized and whispered to you?”

“This is so awesome but why are they not wearing glove’s?” another added.

Others were critical of the parents for going to IHOP for the occasion.

“AT IHOP????” one commenter wrote, perplexed.

In response, @b.3ttyboop said, “The girl said she was shy so it’s okay to have something special n just for them.”

Another countered, “People are saying why IHOP!? Why does it matter! They seem happier than some people spending thousands of dollars on a [reveal]!”

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*First Published: Sep 7, 2023, 10:28 am CDT