Three split of man boxing against pregnant wife


That viral kirramahaley_ gender reveal boxing TikTok, explained

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The kirramahaley_ gender reveal boxing TikTok shows off the method one pregnant woman and her partner decided to go with for a gender reveal: using boxing gloves and strike pads.

The viral video, which resurfaced on X (formerly known as Twitter) in June 2024, was first posted on TikTok by @kirramahaley_ on April 14th, 2024.

But the dad didn’t seem to want to believe they were having a girl, as evidenced by the fact that he tried to hit the “boy” strike pad multiple times, sometimes getting dangerously close to striking his pregnant partner, before tossing off his glove and punching the “girl” strike pad to reveal a big poof of a cloud of pink smoke, denoting that they’re having a girl.

Origin of the boxing gender reveal

Now, @kirramahaley_’s TikTok wasn’t the first to do a boxing gender reveal, but with a key difference to what the couple did in the controversial video, which has been viewed over 5.4 million times on TikTok. The difference? For the most part, the partner who was pregnant was the one tossing the punches—and not running the risk of an accidental stray punch landing where they most definitely didn’t want it!

A couple in pink and blue clothes attempting a boxing punch gender reveal, a poof of blue smoke is shaken out of her strike mat. Text overlay reads, 'Gender Reveal Attempt 3' with three blue hearts.
A man and woman surrounded by pink and blue balloons as the woman punches a mat and a poof of pink smoke blows into her face.

In this reveal from @theadolphecrew, you can even see the love and support and care the expectant father has for his partner as he guides her through throwing the punches before the big reveal punch!

The spread of the controversial gender reveal boxing video

The TikTok video was downloaded and shared near the end of June 2024 by @TheArtOfWar6 on X, who tweeted the video with the caption, “When you’re doing a gender reveal and just recently got into MMA.”

Several TikTokers shared the video via reposts and reactions, talking about the dangerous red flags they were seeing when @kirramahaley_’s partner kept punching and, as she said in the caption of her original TikTok, his punches were “harddddd.” 

TikToker, @mojustbetalkin, posted a video on June 28th, 2024 talking about all the warning signs she saw in the boxing gender reveal TikTok, asking if “the men are well” after seeing how much force the man put behind his punches. 

A black woman holding one hand to her face as she looks off-camera. Overlay text reads, 'Gender Reveal Boxing'

TikToker Madison Humphrey (@madison.humphreyy) shared the video on TikTok, where viewers told the pregnant woman, “Baby this was the redest of red flags,” and “The fact he kept punching! 🫣”

She then posted a parody of the original red flag-filled video, in which she and her partner were so much more gentle, as one commenter noted, as he fake-punched and kicked her even after the cloud of pink poofed out while Madison shouted, “It’s a girl!” The parody video has been viewed over 20.4 million times.

Parody video of a boxing gender reveal TikTok. The man is carefully punching his partner's strike mitts, revealing a poof of pink smoke. The text overlay reads, 'Absolutely no one: That one gender reveal:'

Top reaction posts

Most reactions on social media have been concerned for the welfare of the mother-to-be, given the violence with which her partner hit the strike pads.

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