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‘If you feel interrogated, that’s on you, baby’: The internet reacts to two newly released ‘Love Is Blind’ episodes

The mess has been dialed up to an 11.


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Posted on Feb 29, 2024   Updated on Mar 5, 2024, 9:55 am CST

Season 6 of Netflix’s Love is Blind continues to be the gift that keeps on giving—and by “gift,” I do mean “mess.”

After its initial release of six chaotic episodes this past Valentine’s Day, the streaming service has released another five episodes—three on Wednesday, Feb. 21 and two on Wednesday, Feb. 28—and there’s been no shortage of drama within any drop.

So, with this in mind, let’s break down the most recent moments to go viral from the show (and if you were looking for a breakdown of/reactions to the first six episodes, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there, too).

First up, Chelsea and Jimmy had yet another one of their very odd fights. 

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You see, a couple of episodes prior to this fight, Jimmy brought Chelsea to meet his friends—who just so happen to be mostly ladies. Chelsea appeared to be fine with this initially—even openly admitting she has guy friends of her own—but this seemed to fall by the wayside during their fight after Jimmy came home a little too late one night.

Jimmy pointed out this apparent hypocrisy, which resulted in an argument, culminating in Chelsea revealing information that Jimmy shared in confidence off-screen (that he’d slept with one of his friends, though they’re back to a platonic relationship as of now). This betrayal of trust had Jimmy saying he was done—but, in true Love Is Blind fashion, no one’s ever really done.

Most surprisingly, this fight made many fans switch sides on who they support most in this relationship, with many sympathizing with Jimmy:

Next, we have Clay and his cheating concerns.

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In the pods, Clay was open about his family’s struggles with his chosen love, AD, revealing personal information about his father’s constant infidelity, which eventually resulted in his parent’s divorce. This included the delightful tidbit of information that his father would allegedly take a young Clay along with him on these cheating “road trips.”

In the time since revealing this information, Clay has repeatedly cited his own ability to stay faithful to AD as a genuine concern of his entering into a marriage—but he (or the editing team) frames this concern in a way that seems to suggest to the audience that Clay believes cheating is some sort of hereditary issue embedded in one’s bloodline, and not a free choice people in relationships make on their own?

Needless to say, most people online are yelling “RUN, AD, RUN”:

Then, of course, we have Trevor and Chelsea’s first face-to-face meeting.

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I don’t ever like to say I “called” something, but I do always acknowledge that, as a society, we can’t have nice things. As noted in our last roundup while discussing the internet’s love of big mountain teddy bear man, Trevor, I noted it’s never wise to get too attached to anyone in the Love is Blind universe, because almost all of them end up disappointing us—and, whew buddy, it turned out Trevor was no exception.

Since the show’s airing, Trevor has been facing rumors courtesy of his alleged former girlfriend, who claims Trevor was in a serious relationship when he applied for and went on the show, and the couple had planned on him going all the way to the end for the notoriety and attention the show garnered—only for Trevor to break up with this partner right before the show began airing in early February. 

As of now, these claims remain just rumors and Trevor himself hasn’t engaged with them, but many fans still felt the allegations put Trevor in a different light, making his first dramatic meeting with his almost-fiancée, Chelsea, less intense:

And there’s no way we’re continuing this post without talking about Jeramey, Laura, Sarah Ann, and the jet skis.

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Jeramey and Laura’s engagement was not on anyone’s radar for potentially being the messiest of this season until the closing moments of episode nine when it was revealed that Jeramey had been out all night, returning home to an angered Laura who immediately accused him of cheating on her with his almost-fiancée, Sarah Ann. And, most importantly, Laura came ready with all the receipts.

Jeramey—who had shared his location with Laura the night he was out, believing her to be asleep given the late hour—didn’t realize Laura would, ya know, actually track his location. Laura allowed Jeramey to dig his own grave via his explanation of where he was before revealing she knew where he’d been the entire time. Laura then appeared to end their engagement.

However, in the latest episodes, the drama was reignited when Netflix did what they do best, manufacturing some mess by putting all of those in the pods together at a pool party, where Laura confronted Jeramey again, who continued to vehemently deny everything. The two then officially broke off their engagement at the party…and then Jeramey went jetskiing moments later with Sarah Ann.

Naturally, fans were quick with the roast:

And last, but certainly not least (and easily the most talked about moment) was AD’s confrontation with Sarah Ann.

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As noted above, Sarah Ann and Jeramey dated in the pods and got close to getting engaged, but Jeramey ultimately broke up with her to instead propose to Laura. After this, Sarah Ann DMed Jeramey and allegedly said that, should he change his mind, she’d be interested in pursuing a relationship with him. This didn’t sit well with Laura when she found out, even though Jeramey insisted he hadn’t left the door open with her to believe there was reason to send such a message.

Then, the whole late-night-location-tracking drama happened.

This news quickly spread among the other contestants, which led to the stand-out and most talked-about moment in the new episodes, in which AD straight-up confronted Sarah Ann about her behavior on behalf of Laura, and she did NOT leave any room for shenanigans.

AD pointed out how—though the blame falls squarely on Jeramey’s shoulders—it’s still wildly inappropriate to send an engaged man a message like Sarah Ann had. And, most importantly, she continually pointed out that Jeramey didn’t choose Sarah Ann.

The back-and-forth got heated, with fans taking AD’s side:

And that’s everything you’ve missed on Love is Blind (so far)!

In summary:

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*First Published: Feb 29, 2024, 12:35 pm CST