worker scooping dough onto board with caption ' he said no she could pay for her own food' (l) worker drizzling caramel onto dough with caption 'she looked extremely embarrassed and instead of making her pay for it' (c) worker decorating dough balls on wooden board with caption 'we made it very obvious to the boyfriend that we were going to calm her' (r)

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‘Am I the a**hole?’: Worker says they comped woman’s order after man refused to pay for her

'You handled this situation perfectly.'


Phil West


Posted on May 24, 2023

A worker wondered if she was in the wrong to comp a woman’s order when her male companion refused to pay for her dessert and then used the receipt to dispense some pointed relationship advice.

The TikTok comes from @doughremitx, the account for the Waco-based Dough Re Mi, a dessert shop specializing in “edible cookie dough.”

Boyfriends often get stuck footing the bill but in this case, it was a special occasion and the boyfriend in question offered to pay for his woman’s order. The video begins with the narrator asking, “Am I the asshole?” and then running through a scenario while showing cookie dough being scooped onto a serving plate for customers.

“So we had a couple come in the other day and after some small talk we figured out it was their two-year anniversary,” the creator explained. “Initially they agreed to just share the double scoop that the guy had ordered but his girlfriend ended up wanting to order some of her own dough as well.”

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“She asked him if it was okay and he said he was but seemed very annoyed about it,” the story continues. “When it came time to pay he only paid for the cookie dough that he had ordered and started walking off. She looked confused and asked if he was going to pay for her order as well. He said no, she could pay for her own food because she should have made up her mind at the beginning.”

That’s when the worker decided to step in.

“She looked extremely embarrassed and instead of making her pay for it, we made it very obvious to the boyfriend that we were going to comp the woman’s order for her,” the worker says. “And for the customer name on her receipt, we put ‘dump him.'”

Viewers had their say in the comments.

One applauded the creator, saying, “You handled this situation perfectly.”

Another marveled, “I just wanna know how she’s put up with 2 years of that.”

Someone responded, “He was offering to buy her something and she said no then changed her mind half way through…why should he pay for her?”

That led another person to observe about the woman’s order, “I mean it seems he’s stingy and cheap for wanting to pay for dough to split on their 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. If a man can’t pay for dough idk.”

“I’m confused as to why he was expected to pay for something she ordered?” someone asked. “Am I missing something?”

A commenter responded, “Because it’s their anniversary and she asked if it was ok and he said yes??”

While some debated whether or not the man should have paid for his girlfriend’s order, not everyone believed the worker to begin with.

“Y’all are just kinda lazy at this point with the fake stories for clout,” a commenter chided. “Be authentic.”

The creator shrugged, “Then unfollow us.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Dough Re Mi via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: May 24, 2023, 4:12 pm CDT