Hinge user shares why he dined and dashed on a hibachi date

‘You think I’m stupid?’: Hinge user shares why he dined and dashed on a hibachi date. Viewers are on his side

‘Normalize men dashing dates…’

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Couple hugging while guy is kissing another woman

‘I would be so feral’: 5 of the wildest cheaters who got exposed on TikTok

‘I’ve never been more invested.’

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mixed weight relationship

Why the internet is dunking on a Forbes opinion piece about ‘mixed-weight relationships’ and ‘Bridgerton’

The piece comments on the negative body-focused reaction to the Netflix hit.

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Breakup of couple with man and sad girlfriend outdoor. Divorce, couple, love, pain concept.

‘The lows are getting lower’: 5 of the worst breakups ever

‘That was a red flag i didn’t know existed.’

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Caught cheating on baby monitor (two split)

‘Who else zoomed in’: Man caught cheating by wife on the baby monitor

‘I wouldn’t even have to read it.’

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Woman talking(l+R), Kenny Rodriguez from Love Island(c)

‘He’s been messaging me for the past few months’: Woman says a current ‘Love Island USA’ contestant is her ‘4-year situationship’

‘We will vote him off asap if you need queen.’

On by Tiffanie Drayton

Lukas Bukovaz marriage proposal fail

MMA fighter Lukas Bukovaz proposes to his girlfriend after losing a match, gets rejected

After losing at the Clash of the Stars event, a cage fighter loses love, dignity.

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Woman finds out boyfriend is cheating after he tries to buy her a Darry Ring

‘You can only buy one’: Woman finds out boyfriend is cheating after he tries to buy her a Darry Ring. What is it?

‘I’ve literally never heard of these before.’

On by Brooke Sjoberg

People are sharing the cringey things they did to impress their crush

‘I remember when I lost my mind’: People are sharing embarrassing things they did to impress their crush

We’ve all debased ourselves for love. Some ways are just more public than others.

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Woman talking(l+r), Walmart(c)

‘Six years with no ring is deranged behavior’: Viewers slam girlfriend for ‘begging’ for a $128 Walmart engagement ring. They can’t believe her boyfriend’s response

‘Ladies, we got to do better.’

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triangle method of flirting - Two woman flirting with pink triangle over them

TikTok’s viral ‘Triangle Method of Flirting,’ explained

TikTokers are catching each other’s eyes… and mouth, with the viral technique.

On by Angela Andaloro

TikTokers sharing personal details about their marriage

‘Will always try to destroy my life’: Single mom’s birthday post goes viral. Now her ex-husband is speaking out—and the truth might be a lot darker

‘We need receipts.’

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hagmaxxer: Silohuetted couple going in for a kiss where woman says 37 and man says 20

‘In my hagmaxxer era’: A new term just dropped to describe age-gap relationships

A new Gen-Z term just dropped and the internet is divided.

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match each others freak

Inspired by Tinashe’s ‘Nasty,’ people are sharing perfect couples who ‘match each other’s freak’

The trend has provided evidence that yes, there’s someone for everyone.

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What is the #PaintYourPartner trend on TikTok

Couples are taking date night inspiration from TikTok’s ‘Paint Your Partner’ trend

Couples are revealing their inner Rembrandts for all to see.

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