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‘He’s calling the police because I showed up’: USPS worker claims manager called the cops on her

‘Post office is one of the most abusive and unethical places I’ve ever worked.’


Tiffanie Drayton


Everyone fears the wrath of an angry boss when they show up to work late.

However, one USPS worker says her manager may have taken things a bit too far when she showed up to her shift thirty minutes tardy and he called the cops.

In a viral video that has had been viewed over 645,000 times, Porshia Vonne (@porshiavonne) says her boss called the cops on her because she didn’t come to work on time.

@porshiavonne I meant to upload this one. I was so flustered you guys. He told the cops i verbally and physically assaulted him. My supervisor and coworkers corroborated my story that i never touched him nor was I being verbally assaulting #usps #ruralcarrier #postal #postoffice #mailman #mailcarrier #theboysaliar ♬ original sound – Porshia Vonne

“He’s calling the police you guys,” she said in the video. “He’s calling the police because I showed up.”

Porshia arrived to work a half hour late and her manager at USPS refused to let her get to her station. According to the video’s caption, the manager accused her of verbally and physically assaulting him. But her coworkers vouched for her and said she never touched him.

In the clip, her manager can be seen on his cellphone while the TikToker records.

“Excuse me,” Porshia says as she walks away from the scene.

In a second video, posted a day later, Porshia said she followed up with police about the allegedly false assault claim made against her.

@porshiavonne I get the body cam and 911 audio of my station manager making false claims. The police notes where they state there was no assault. Pray for me yall. Ill make everything public once i receive it. 🤗 God is GREAT!!!!! #ruralcarrier #postoffice #mailman #mailmanproblems #usps #maildelivery ♬ original sound – Porshia Vonne

“The police notes where they state there was no assault. Pray for me yall,” read the caption.

Porshia explained in the video, “[The police] are allowing me retrieve everything so that I can add it to my file and build my case.” She believes the evidence will show that her manager at USPS made false allegations to the police and that she will finally be vindicated.

Users took the the comments section to express shock and outrage over the worker’s treatment. They also shared their own feelings about USPS and their experiences working there.

“PTSD from this video lol I left USPS in February for poor management smh,” recalled one user.

“I quit USPS because of bad management,” said another claiming that even USPS knows they have a problem. “HR called me to ask why I told her because of bad management she laughed and said yeah they know.”

“Post office is one of the most abusive and unethical places I’ve ever worked,” said a third comment.

These ex-postal workers aren’t alone in feeling that USPS is a terrible place to work despite the fact that they pay well. In March, the Daily Dot reported on another viral TikTok video in which a former USPS worker claimed that the “cons” of the job far outweigh the “pros.”

A number of viewers were quick to offer Porshia advice to clear her name against the allegations of her manager at USPS.

“Girl get that footage, take it to your postal inspector and file a grievance against that manager,” one helpful user said. “Are you Union?”

“Please contact a labor law attorney to see if u have a case and file eeoc if u r having ongoing problems with him,” suggested another, referring to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

“I spoke to one today!” responded the TikToker also adding, “thank you all for the support.”

The Daily Dot reached out to USPS and Porshia Vonne via email for comment, but did not receive a response by the time of publication.

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