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‘I always do this and it works 100% of the time’: Server reveals trick to getting 25% tip at tables with kids

‘The parents really appreciate it.’


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Servers depend on tips. Tips can account for as much as 70% of a server’s income—and as a result, many servers will use every trick in the book to increase them.

Sometimes, this can simply involve a change in clothing. Other times, methods for increased tips can get a little weird. For example, one TikTok user claimed to wear pheromone perfume before her shift in an attempt to increase her tip numbers. Several others have alleged that wearing one’s hair in pigtails also results in greater tips.

Now, another user has sparked a discussion after sharing her method for higher tips, and it involves stickers.

“If you have a table with kids, always give them stickers,” advises TikTok user Kerrah (@kerrahraylenejellybean) in a video with over 380,000 views. 

@kerrahraylenejellybean Go buy some stickers and watch the money roll in ( also works with drunk adults) #fyp #serverlife #tipandtricks #servertiktok #foryou #stickers #cashout ♬ original sound – Kerrah

Kerrah says that, in order to increase her tips to 25%, she provides stickers to families with kids when it comes time to pay. The stickers themselves are cheap, with Kerrah explaining that she picks up her own at the dollar store.

“The parents really appreciate it, because you’re obviously engaging and paying attention to their f*cking kids,” she says.

For those servers who dislike kids, Kerrah reminds them that they, too, were once children who would have enjoyed a sticker.

“So many servers say, ‘Um, I hate kids. They’re so gross. They’re so messy. They’re loud. They cry. They throw things,’” Kerrah states. “Whatever. You were a kid too once, okay? Don’t forget that. And I bet you would [have] really, really appreciated getting a cool-a** unicorn sticker after you just ate your chicken fingers and fries.”

In the comments section, users spoke to the veracity of the advice, with some saying that it increased their tips and others saying they simply enjoyed the experience whether or not it affected how much they were paid.

“I always do this and it works 100% of the time,” shared a commenter. “That and saying ‘thank you for using your manners’ when they say thank you and please.”

“I used to do the same thing!!!! I’d give it to the kids especially when they are crying,” offered another. “Definitely got me some good tips.”

“Very valid! I had a four top, two kids and their parents. I gave each child a sticker and made $40. It made both my night and theirs!” exclaimed a third.

“I started giving kids stickers as well,” recounted an additional TikToker. “Unfortunately didn’t see much of a difference in tips but I loved seeing how excited they were to get them.”

That said, there are some potential issues that can come with this tip.

“I gave stickers until I had to spend 2 hours scraping those bad boys off my section,” recalled a commenter.

The Daily Dot reached out to Kerrah via Instagram direct message.

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