Man shares right way to use can opener

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‘Do I know anything?’: Man shares right way to use can opener

‘You should not have to use your hands to open the lid.’


Phil West


For many, YouTube is the place to go to get how-to tutorials online. But TikTok’s also about learning, as one creator recently demonstrated. He shared a mind-blowing reveal that made it clear many of us are using can openers wrong.

The video that might change the way you use a rotary can opener forever comes from TikTok creator Jordan the Stallion (@jordan_the_stallion8), who has a massive audience of more than 10.7 million followers, in rapt attention on subjects like how to get rid of annoying household gnats.

This video, like several others in Jordan’s ouevre, starts with a stitch asking, “What’s something you learned or found out that blew your mind?” Jordan responds, “We’ve all been using can openers incorrectly.”

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He then dives into can opener history, dating back to the 1850s, and notes that the rotary-style can opener that’s been in circulation since 1878—per his research—is actually a safer improvement over the original.

But whereas some use it by placing it at near a right angle to the can lid, the best way is to place it parallel to the can lid and move it around the circumference of the lid.

As Jordan reassures his viewers, that’s “so the actual can opener can open the lid for you.”

Demoing it, and showing the lid coming successfully off in the can opener’s clamp, he notes, “You should not have to use your hands to open the lid.”

Minds blown? Minds blown.

One viewer observed, “Bro is got more info than google.”

Another chimed in, “I SWEAR I was thinking the same thing. And delivery is humble and never policed.”

Someone else remarked, “Google searches him at this point.”

The info led another to question everything, asking, “Do i know anything?”

But at least one person nailed it and was sure to let everyone know, saying, “Hmm so I was using it right this whole time finally. Something that doesn’t make me second guess if I’m living life correctly.”

And another said, “I’m left handed and as can openers weren’t made for my kind I actually end up opening cans correctly.”

Other how-to revelations that have previously appeared on Jordan’s account, according to the Daily Dot’s coverage, include jar opening, soda can stacking, and using the serrated edges of Ritz crackers to cut cheese.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jordan via TikTok comment.

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