person using Ritz cracker to cut cheese with caption 'I was today years old when I learned the serrated edges of crackers are used to cut cheese' (l) Ritz crackers in store in hand (c) person speaking in bathroom mirror with caption 'they also told me that the crackers cut best on sharp cheddar' (r)

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‘So you’re telling me my life is still full of mysteries???!!!’: People are just now finding out how you’re supposed to eat Ritz Crackers

‘I’ve been doing that I thought I was a genius.’


Jack Alban


Sometimes, you walk through life never realizing that a product or item you’ve been using for years carried a hidden functionality you were completely unaware of. One TikTok user, @sidneyraz, has tons of videos that touch upon this very real phenomenon like the time he discovered that cheese graters are supposed to “lay down” in order to make the slices of cheesy goodness fall easier on whatever dish you’re garnishing/preparing.

Another user, @mmarlo_5862, made another cut-the-cheese discovery, but this time, with Ritz crackers.

Chances are that even if you aren’t a fan of the red-boxed salted, buttered snacks you’ve probably tasted one or held them in your hand. You’re also probably familiar with its ribbed-edge design aesthetic.

As it turns out, however, these ridges aren’t just to help distinguish Ritz crackers from similar boxed offerings, but they serve a distinct purpose: cutting cheese.

“I was today years old when I learned the serrated edges of crackers are used to cut cheese,” the user says in the clip.

She demonstrates this on a slice of what appears to be American cheese in her video, before the clip is stitched by popular TikToker Jordan (@jordan_the_stallion8) who chimes in, expressing his surprise.

@jordan_the_stallion8 At this point its eveyday #fypシ CREDIT to @mmarlo__5862 ♬ original sound – Jordan_The_Stallion8

He says in the clip, “For 26 years I’ve been doing everything incorrectly and I’m just now recently learning about it because sure enough when I heard this, of course, I had to contact Ritz as a company.”

Jordan claims once he got a hold of “somebody that worked for Ritz,” he asked them whether this viral claim was true.

“They said that they already released a statement a year ago confirming that that’s what the crackers were used for,” Jordan says. “…they also told me that the crackers cut best on sharp cheddar, Colby jack cheese, and pepper jack cheese. So try that out.”

As it turns out, Today reported in July of 2021 that Ritz indeed released a statement confirming this “life hack.” The brand also demonstrated the serrated edges in action on its official TikTok account as well.

@theritzcrackersofficial 💫 the more you know 💫 #RITZCrackers #snackhacks #snacks #cheese #fyp #foryoupage ♬ I'M FEELING LUCKY – Ellen Once Again

Commenters who saw Jordan’s video were just as dumbfounded as he was.

“So you’re telling me my life is still full of mysteries ???!!!” a user asked.

However, others thought that using the edges to cut cheese was more trouble than its worth, with a user saying, “I just fold the cheese to cut it”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Jordan and Ritz via email.

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