Outback Steakhouse customer orders 'Shark Week Drink

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‘There’s all these other drinks they have’: Rapper Lil Debbie orders Outback Steakhouse’s ‘Shark Week’-inspired Aussie JAWssie—with one major change

'Right choice, hundred percent.'


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Posted on Aug 10, 2023

In May, Outback Steakhouse’s ‘Shark Week’-inspired signature cocktail stirred controversy after some on social media claimed the concept was copied from another restaurant.

Now, however, the chain’s Aussie JAWssie has received some positive press thanks to a glowing review from the most unlikely of people—2010s viral rapper Lil Debbie.

In addition to her solo work, Lil Debbie is known for her collaborations with fellow artists RiFF RaFF and Kreayshawn, featuring in the latter’s era-defining 2011 viral hit “Gucci Gucci.” 

Lately, Lil Debbie’s work is less “Gucci Gucci” (Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada) and more Target hauls, skin care tips, and, yes, beverage content. A video recently posted to her TikTok account (@lil_bevvie) took viewers on a tour of Outback Steakhouse’s drink menu. The clip has gone viral with over 43,000 views and nearly 3,000 likes.

@lil_bevvie Go to @Outback Steakhouse ♬ original sound – Lil Debbie

Lil Debbie and a friend were drawn to the restaurant to try the chain’s “Shark Week”-inspired Aussie JAWssie cocktail, which comes with a little toy shark. 

“But as we walked up, there’s all these other drinks they have,” the rapper—aka Jordan Capozzi—said in the clip.

She then dove into reviewing the drinks she and her friend ordered: a Ranch Water and a “Guava ‘Rita.”

Next was the Aussie JAWssie. The clip shows the duo pouring grenadine from the mouths of toy sharks into their bright blue drinks, giving off strong “blood in the water” vibes.

The rapper rated the drink a 10 out of 10 and described it as having a “raspberry-blue, coconutty flavor.” 

The Aussie JAWssie is made with New Amsterdam Raspberry Vodka, Blue Curaçao, three citrus juices, and grenadine, of course. The drink special launched on April 26 and ended on June 20. So, sorry, you missed your bloody chance.

“It usually comes with vodka, but we like tequila,” Lil Debbie said, imparting a menu hack. “Get tequila when you come.”

She added in the caption, “Go to @Outback Steakhouse right now!! This isnt even sponsored. Im just telling you the truth!”

Several commenters (and at least one Daily Dot writer) did a double take when they realized the creator giving them an Outback Steakhouse drink review was Lil Debbie.

“The fact that I didn’t even recognize that this is really lil Debbie,” one person commented.

“Giiiirl you look so good. I almost commented and said you look like lil Debbie and then I looked. I’m screaming,” another wrote.

Other commenters asked for details about the rapper’s Outback excursion, like whether she ordered food and, most importantly, whether she got to keep the shark.

“I did,” she responded in reference to the toy.

The Daily Dot contacted Lil Debbie and Outback Steakhouse via email for further information.

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*First Published: Aug 10, 2023, 8:23 pm CDT