Dad buys Outback Steakhouse shark cocktail just she can dump shark and keep it

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‘I had the whole table watching me’: Dad buys Outback Steakhouse shark cocktail just so she can dump shark and keep it

‘I want to drink it so bad but I’m not of age yet.’


Melody Heald


A woman went viral after she asked her dad to buy her an Outback Steakhouse shark cocktail just so she could keep the toy shark. Now everyone wants one.

The 7-second clip was uploaded by TikTok user @calmesttomato while she was at Outback Steakhouse. In the video, she’s just been served a blue cocktail with a toy shark in it. The content creator removes the shark from the drink and dumps red liquid in it, mimicking a “shark attack.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @calmesttomato via TikTok comment for more information. The video amassed 5.5 million views as of Saturday.

@calmesttomato mmmm shark #outback the burger here ar good –

So what is this blue drink at Outback Steakhouse? The Aussie JAWSsie drink is, “A fin-tastic bevvy crafted with New Amsterdam Raspberry Vodka, Blue Curacao, a trio of citrus juices and a dangerous dose of grenadine! Food purchase required with any alcohol order.” The drink launched on April 26 and will end on June 20. It’s, you know, available at participating locations.

In a follow-up video, @calmesttomato revealed that her entire table was “watching” her so she was “nervous.” Despite her anxiety, she had fun playing with the little shark.

“I want to drink it so bad but I’m not of age yet,” one viewer wrote.

“Well I’ve never felt the need to go to Outback before but I would go for this,” a second commented.

“i need to go get it NOW,” a third agreed.

Others noted that different restaurants have similar drinks.

“They have these at Joe’s Crab Shack too lol,” one person stated.

“pretty sure they have this at Applebee’s as well,” a second noted.

“Glory Days Grill had this and ‘swamp water’ with a frog on top when I was like 10. Had a collection,” a third said.

It’s no surprise that viewers recognized the drink. Outback Steakhouse was in hot water over it, recently accused of “copying” the “Shark Attack” drink from New Orleans’ Tropical Isle.

Ripped-off or not, it’s just the sort of social-friendly, readily-available-in-your-city gag that’s lit the internet on fire. For a limited time only.

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