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‘Why are his clothes money worthy but mine aren’t?’: Woman says Once Upon A Child rejected her clothes. So she sent her husband with same bin

'Once Upon a Child you have some explaining to do.'


Natasha Dubash


Posted on Mar 12, 2024

A woman claims that Once Upon A Child rejected the used clothes she tried to sell the resale shop, but when she sent her husband with the same items, they were accepted. 

Once Upon a Child is a store that buys and sells used children’s clothing, toys, and other baby gear. But according to TikToker Dani (@lifewithdanimaj), the store has no set standards when it comes to which items it chooses to accept.

Dani filmed her video from the store’s parking lot as her husband got ready to go inside.

“Sending my husband into Once Upon a Child with the bin of clothes they told me ‘No’ to. So let’s see what he gets,” the woman says as her husband stands outside the passenger door of the car.

Dani then films her husband and their child walking into the store carrying a plastic bin full of clothes. 

The camera then cuts to the husband opening the passenger door while holding the empty plastic container. 

“Cash monies,” Dani’s husband says as he pulls some bills out of his back pocket and playfully throws them in the air. Dani claims he was paid $48 for the same clothes that the store rejected when she brought them in.

“WOW!! Once Upon a Child you have some explaining to do,” the TikToker wrote in the caption.

The mother of five’s post received 527,500 views, and over 500 comments.

“The way I would’ve popped in like HA its as actually mine,” wrote one petty viewer, who received almost 3,000 likes. 

“I wanted to so bad,” admitted Dani.

“Plato’s closet is the SAME. They didn’t take any of mine but sent my YOUNGER sis with my stuff and they took it all,” shared someone else about related reseller franchise Plato’s Closet.

“I’ve never gotten more than $20 for a container full of brand new clothes but they out here selling ripped and stained clothes for $6+,” complained another user about the quality of clothing on offer at the store. 

“There should be a set criteria these stores have to follow. Not the opinions of the clerks,” suggested someone else. 

@lifewithdanimaj WOW!! once upon a child you have some explaining to do!!! #onceuponachild #thriftshop #secondhandshop #consignmentboutique #husbandsoftiktok #husbands #relateable #husbandandwife ♬ original sound – DANI

Another suggested that it had nothing to do with the creator’s husband. “It matters that there was a different day and probably different people working. I do this all the time and if they say no on Monday, I go back later,” they wrote.

Dani responded that although she has done the same in the past, “this time was a little different.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Dani and to Once Upon a Child via email for further information. 

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*First Published: Mar 12, 2024, 7:58 am CDT