Woman waits over 2 hours at Plato’s Closet to resell clothes. She can't believe what they actually offered her

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‘They tried giving me 6$ for my Nike dunks’: Woman waits over 2 hours at Plato’s Closet to resell clothes. She can’t believe what they offered her

‘Plato’s Closet is always humbling’


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Reselling clothes can be a great way to get a return on investment from items purchased over the years at a premium—as long as the seller and buyer are on the same page.

When choosing to sell an item from their closet, a reseller might post it online through shopping platforms like Mercer, Poshmark, Depop, or even Facebook Marketplace. If they do not want to spend the time photographing, listing, and shipping the item, resellers might take their items to consignment shops like Plato’s Closet, hoping to quickly see a return on their gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories.

A shopper who recently took this path to sell their items recently waited over two hours while their items were picked through by a buyer, with a total return on investment of $10. In the video posted by @keepingupwithkingsteph, which has drawn over 1.5 million views, she shows the full hamper of clothes they brought to sell, but are leaving with as they did not interest the buyer.

“Help LMFAO I just made my husband drive me to platos, wait almost 2 hours, just to get $10,” a text overlay on the video reads.

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@keepingupwithkingsteph girl fr asked if $10 was ok 💀 #platoscloset #platos ♬ original sound – Officially log out 11/17/22

Many commenters shared that they had similarly frustrating experiences trying to sell items to Plato’s Closet and other stores like it.

“I did this ONCE and they asked if 75 cents was okay…. I took my entire bag to a rehab center instead,” one commenter wrote. “Those ladies appreciate it so much more!!”

“Girl I took my clothes n they said they were “out of style”.. it was all cuter than everything they had at the store WHA U MEANNNN,” another user said.

“Me and my bf did the same thing drive an hour had like 5 6 bags and only came out with $24,” a commenter wrote.

Several shared that the buyers only wanted items from fast fashion brands when they had taken in their clothes, turning down legitimately high-end items that were new or nearly new.

“A lady that was shopping there looked through my bag bc she wanted a pair of Levi’s and ended up buying my whole bag when Plato said no lol,” someone commented.

“I BROUGHT 5 bag full Nike, VS, fashion nova etc and they only took 1 pair of shorts that were from TARGET,” another commenter wrote. “I never went back after that.”

“Sameee & i brought 3 big bags & they only wanted $5 for a dress from zara,” a viewer said.

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