Corporate worker says manager told her not to tell co-workers that she was resigning


‘I did not do that’: Corporate worker says manager told her not to tell co-workers that she was resigning

‘I wanted to end things and let them know on my own terms.’


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TikToker Alia (@a.dakota2) recently posted a video discussing how she is maintaining boundaries with management after submitting her resignation.

Usually, a company funnels resigning employees through several exit procedures. These can range from multiple exit interviews to training replacements. Managers may even push extra work onto departing employees. In the video, Alia breaks down three things she refused to do after putting in her resignation.

Alia films herself as she speaks candidly into the camera. A white text overlay reads, “3 things I’m NOT doing my last week at work”.

“I’m going into my last week of work, and I’m setting boundaries,” Alia begins. “There are things I’ve been asked to do that I’m simply not going to do.”

“Number 1, I was asked not to share my departure with people, and to send an email to everyone at the same time that had to be screened by my manager first,” APT says. “I did not do this. I wanted to end things and let them know on my own terms.”

Instead of authoring a farewell email for her manager to pick over, Alia says she let people know when she received emails from them and if she ran into them at the office.

“That way I was able to control the narrative,” she explains.

Alia states that the second thing she will not comply with is how she constructs her roles and responsibilities.

“I knew I was leaving well before I put in my two weeks, so I was working on a roles and responsibility document,” Alia explains. “I’m going to send it when I’m almost gone because what I’m not going to do is add more things to my roles and responsibilities.”

Her third boundary is how she will manage her time during her last week.

“I’m taking a long lunch and I’m leaving early everyday. I don’t really have a particular reason for this but i just feel like I deserve it,” she concludes.

@a.dakota2 Holding boundaries till the BITTER END #corporatezillenial #blackincorporateamerica #iquitmyjob #officehumor #toxicworkplace ♬ original sound – APT

Her video has been viewed over 18,000 times as of Saturday and struck a cord with multiple users. Many TikTokers were perplexed by her employer’s requests, while others shared stories of their own resignation.

“That first one is wild! Why would you not truly get a chance to leave the way you want to or leave the impression you want to on your way out,” one user said.

“My old job tried to have me clean up documents that have been messed up the entire 6 years I was there,” a commenter shared.

“I feel everything that you’re saying! My manager ask me if I wanted to rehearse what to say to my colleagues,” a user added.

“Roles and responsibilities are HR and the managers job ridiculous that they have you doing this,” a commenter said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Alia via TikTok comment.

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