Mint Mobile Customer explaining the issues he experienced

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‘I have no calls, no messages’: Mint Mobile customer warns viewers after switching from T-Mobile. Apple Store says it’s service

‘Ryan Reynolds, please do something’


Vladimir Supica


In a recent post on TikTok, user @piscesinacrises issued a public service announcement (PSA) warning potential Mint Mobile users about his personal experiences with the phone service.

The video, captioned “Beware of Mint Mobile!!!,” was posted on Thursday, and swiftly gathered over 11,200 views within its first 24 hours.

In the video, @piscesinacrises talks about switching from T-Mobile to Mint Mobile because of Mint’s cheaper plans. However, his excitement turned to disappointment when his Mint Mobile service suddenly stopped working a few days after the switch.

“I have no calls, no messages,” he said, elaborating that the issue persisted despite repeated attempts at contacting Mint’s tech support and investigating whether his phone was the problem. “They told me it must be the phone. But I took it to the Apple Store and they said it has to be the service.”

@piscesinacrises Sharing my experience with Mint Mobile. @Ryan Reynolds @Mint Mobile #mintmobile #ryanreynolds #mintmobilereview #bewareofmintmobile #fyp ♬ original sound – spicy pisces

His frustrations were further amplified when he found the SIM card worked perfectly in his sister’s phone, but not in his, leading to confusion about the true cause of the problem. He voiced disappointment about Mint’s suggested solution to simply “wait a few weeks.”

The TikToker also expressed discontentment over Mint Mobile’s refund policy, highlighting that his request for a refund was declined as his seven-day trial had ended. The issue, according to him, only surfaced after the trial period was over.

In a twist, @piscesinacrises humorously implored actor Ryan Reynolds, who was a previous part-owner of Mint Mobile but recently sold his shares to T-Mobile, to intervene. “Ryan Reynolds, please do something,” he quipped.

The TikToker ended the video with a warning to his viewers. “If you’re going to join Mint Mobile, do it at your own risk,” he stated.

Reactions to the TikTok video have been varied, with many users sharing their own experiences and suggestions.

“I will say, my brother bought a used an ‘unlocked’ phone from T-Mobile it took 4 months for the phone to actually unlock,” one user wrote.

“I had Sprint. They merged with T-Mobile, and since then half the time I dont get calls. It goes straight to Voicemail,” a second commenter added.

“But if it works on your sister’s phone, but not in yours, it’s gotta be your phone.. right?” a third offered.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @piscesinacrises via TikTok direct messages, and to Mint Mobile and T-Mobile via their press emails for comment.

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