Server says managers eat pizza in front of staff while they're closing


‘Does that not seem a little bit rude to do in front of your employees that are tired and hungry?’: Server says managers stand around and eat pizza in front of staff while they’re closing

‘Sometimes they off us their leftovers.’


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A restaurant server called out her managers for sitting around and eating pizza while she and her co-workers closed up shop.

In the video, @ghostgrls says she needs to “complain about something for a second” related to work.

The server says her bosses also own the restaurant she works at. When she’s on a closing shift, it’ll get pretty late in the night, and she says she’ll be at work with just the two bosses and two or three other workers.

Instead of helping their workers close everything out after a long day at work, she alleges the pair will make themselves a pizza and stand around eating it while the rest of their team handles closing. To make it worse, @ghostgrls says they never ask the workers if they want a slice of pizza. On the rare occasions that they do share, @ghostgrls says it’s simply because they have leftovers.

While @ghostgrls shares that she’s a vegetarian, so she wouldn’t be able to eat the pizza anyway, she still finds their lack of consideration rude.

“Does that not seem a little bit rude to do in front of your employees that are also tired and hungry that have been there for five plus hours?” she asks viewers.

The server adds that it would be easy enough to just ask the workers on the closing shift if they’d like a pizza as well.

@ghostgrls does this seem rude to you guys? #restaurantlife #waitressproblems #waitresslife #serverlife #serverproblems #foodindustry #foodindustrylife #antiwork #antiworktiktok ♬ original sound – lil nug

The TikTok has nearly 15,000 views and over 300 comments. The content creator, who has more than 5,500 followers, describes herself as a “makeup artist, twitch streamer, sh*t poster.”

“Does this seem rude to you guys?” she asked in the caption.

The most popular comment under the video shared a completely different work experience.

“My bosses always feed us. we get half priced meals and half the time they comp it. tonight they got us s care of red bull and cookies and brownies,” a person wrote.

Several others shared situations closer to what @ghostgrls is dealing with.

“Sounds just like the boss I used to work for at a pizza place. bought a $200,000 car and showed off then came and rang out one person and pocketed tip,” a commenter shared.

“Reminds me of the last restaurant I worked at. Zero employee discount and they’d throw food away in front of us,” another said.

The Daily Dot reached out to @ghostgrls via TikTok comment.

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