Home Depot shopper shows everything 'you should avoid in your home.' One customer has every single one

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‘It’s like he took a tour through your home’: Home Depot expert shows ‘worst things’ to put in your home. One customer has every single one

'Its a targeted attack on you.'


Charlotte Colombo


Posted on Oct 8, 2023

Deciding how to kit out your home is one of the most important decisions a person can make. You want to make sure these foundational items like shower doors, faucets, and door handles not only match your home aesthetic but also deliver in terms of functionality and longevity.

In order to get those decisions right, seasoned Home Depot shoppers are taking to TikTok to advise customers on the right items for their homes—but TikToker Chocopie (@asianreligiousboy) was left speechless when he discovered that his home had each and every item other Home Depot experts warned against.

In a video that’s racked up 3.4 million views as of Sunday, Chociopie sheepishly duetted a TikTok by Gibbons Group (@therealestatefamily) where their real estate expert walked through a Home Depot highlighting items that you should avoid having in your home.

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As the expert stopped and explained every item you should avoid—including shower doors with wheels that will stop working six months in, levered door handles that will “break instantly,” and “cheap” extension faucets that won’t recoil properly—Chocopie showed how, around his home, he had all of these.

“Why does my house have everything it mentioned?” Chocopie despaired in the video, before adding in the TikTok caption, “I’m done.”

Viewers were similarly spooked by the similarities, with one commenting, “It’s a targeted attack on you.” Another joked that “it’s like he [Gibbons Group]” took a tour of your home, while others took to reassuring Chocopie.

“Don’t worry,” a further commenter assured. “So long as you take good care of your stuff/it isn’t faulty via factory and you clean thoroughly, you should be fine.”

But not all viewers were as horrified as the TikToker. In fact, many argued that Gibbons Group’s advice was “extra” and based on personal “preference” rather than actual fact. “Every house in Europe has lever door handles and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a broken one,” one user pointed out. “I love how he’s wrong about almost everything” another remarked.

But whether or not you believe the Home Depot advice was right, you can’t deny that the similarities are a little spooky.

The creator didn’t immediately respond to The Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Oct 8, 2023, 1:38 pm CDT