Home Depot worker speaking behind counter into store intercom (l) The Home Depot sign on building (c) Home Depot worker speaking behind counter into store intercom (r)

‘Home Depot shoppers and associates, effective immediately, I quit’: Home Depot worker announces resignation over intercom


On May 24, 2023 by Maya Wray

Customer at Home Depot explains how Stranger offers to help load new appliance into truck. Then he expected money

‘So bro VOLUNTARILY came and assisted and in return requested you pay him?’: Stranger offers to help Home Depot customer load new appliance into truck. Then he expected money

'Why would you give him anything?'

On May 17, 2023 by Braden Bjella

Home Depot worker berated by customer over what’s in stock

‘You know you have it’: Home Depot worker berated by customer over what’s in stock

'This is why everyone needs to work customer service jobs once in their life.'

On Apr 9, 2023 by Vladimir Supica

Sign in glass door 'SHIRT AND SHOES REQUIRED' caption 'so I'm running errands with my dad' (l) Home Depot interior (c) man walking barefoot in Home Depot caption 'and I do not have shoes with me today' (r)

‘I can just imagine how BLACK the bottom of your feet are’: Woman’s ‘barefoot lifestyle’ sparks debate after she walked around Home Depot barefoot, defying store rules (updated)

'And then she steps on broken glass...and sues the store.'

On Nov 12, 2022 by Vladimir Supica

home depot employee with caption 'Me cuz management keeps telling me to ask customers to sign up for Home Depot credit cards but I still won't'

‘They’ll literally try and make us gaslight them too’: Home Depot worker says he refuses to ask customers to sign up for credit cards

'Me bc ik those credit cards are gonna hurt their credit score.'

On Aug 15, 2022 by Vladimir Supica

Home Depot 2 story shed outside caption 'Home Depot now sells Tiny Homes $15,000/$301 per month' (l) man speaking (c) Home Depot 2 story shed interior caption 'Home Depot now sells Tiny Homes $15,000/$301 per month' (r)

‘Tuff Sheds are sheds. Not living spaces’: TikToker warns against using viral Home Depot shed as permanent home

'I used to work at Home Depot, I can 100% vouch for this.'

On Jun 9, 2022 by Braden Bjella

woman in vehicle (l) home depot sign (r)

‘Women can’t run power tools’: Woman calls out Home Depot employee’s misogyny

'You decided to take it out on me because I'm a woman and you're a man.'

On Jun 6, 2022 by Lauren Castro

home depot racking (l&r) shocked man (c) all with caption 'I do whole store resets for Home Depot. The amount of spots I find climbing into y'alls racking is ridiculous'

‘Plenty of nap spots up there’: TikToker says Home Depot workers climb to the top of the aisle racks to ‘hide’

'You mean to tell me, people from Home Depot get up here and hide out?'

On Jun 1, 2022 by Maria Poggi

man greenscreen tiktok him in walmart backroom caption 'Younger me watching the anti-union propaganda video when being hired on at Walmart' (l) Walmart, The Home Depot, and Macy's logo on white background (r)

TikTokers call out ‘anti-union propaganda ‘ shown at Walmart, Macy’s, Dollar General

Users share their experiences with 'anti-union propaganda' at major retailers.

On May 19, 2022 by Mikael Thalen

white topless man showing a house (l) home depot logo (c) black topless man smiling (r)

‘It’s sad that millennials and Gen Z are looking to live in sheds’: TikToker buys tiny house from Home Depot, sparking debate

'Inflation is on the rise.'

On May 16, 2022 by Lauren Castro

finger on phone screen that has The Home Depot logo white centered, orange background

‘Such an unnecessary hassle’: Home Depot representative asks customer to return unrolled pine straw

'It would've been 1000 times easier for everyone involved to just give you store credit and move on.'

On May 10, 2022 by Jack Alban

Home Depot checkout area woman on floor dogs barking people surrounding caption 'Dog fights at Home Depot, lady is pissed her dog lost.' (l) Women holding small white dog walking away caption 'Dog fights at Home Depot, lady is pissed her dog lost>' (c) woman getting help up off of floor by group of people caption 'Dog fights in Home Depot. lady is mad her dog lost.' (r)

‘No dogs should be allowed in stores’: 2 dogs start fighting at Home Depot, sparking debate

'Why are dogs in the store in the first place?'

On Apr 24, 2022 by Dan Latu

Protesters at Home Depot (L,R) Home Depot employee (M)

‘As they should’: Viral TikTok shows people protesting glue traps sold at Home Depot, dividing viewers (updated)

The U.S. has yet to ban the 'cruel' traps.

On Feb 27, 2022 by Gisselle Hernandez

Home Depot employees celebrating.

‘I got in trouble for never trying to shill these on people’: Viral TikTok about Home Depot’s credit card sparks debate

'I’m not looking to put anyone else in debt.'

On Feb 17, 2022 by Clara Wang

young man in home depot with caption 'i still think about the time that i was attacked at work because of my nails' (l) elderly woman with caption 'uh but i'm a guy and look i'm wearing them' (c) multicolored fake nails on hand with caption 'and they're cute' (r)

‘Only women wear that mess’: Home Depot worker berated for wearing fake nails to work

‘But I’m a guy and look I’m wearing them. And they’re cute.’

On Feb 15, 2022 by Brooke Sjoberg