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‘They’re the same thing’: Shopper finds two identical shirts priced with an $8 difference at Goodwill

‘I was at my local thrift store today and couldn’t believe the prices.’


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TikToker recently found a puzzling price discrepancy at her local Goodwill. She says that she found two identical items at vastly different price points. Both articles of clothing were the same color, same size, and both appeared to be brand new, but one sold for $12.99 and the other $4.99.

She questioned the store’s pricing policies in a viral TikTok video that’s accrued over 623,000 views on the popular social media platform. Goodwill, what the actual F. #goodwill #thrifting #goodwillprices #goodwillhaul #thrifted #thriftedclothing #wtf #why ♬ original sound –

“Okay I am at Goodwill and I’m gonna tell you right now why they freaking piss me off, okay? These bodysuits, they’re the same thing,” the TikToker says while holding up the articles of clothing in front of the camera.

“New with tags, from Target, okay? This one? The one I want size small: $12.99,” she shows the price tag to the camera and points to the dollar amount. “I have these in different colors, they’re like $20 in stores. $12.99 is still a bargain.”

She then shows the camera the other Goodwill body suit.

“This one, same thing. New with tags, the other one doesn’t even have a tag: $4.99. This is the same thing. This one doesn’t even have a tag and it’s $12.99. This one does have a tag and it’s $5 what the f*ck?” the confused shopper says.

Other social media users have called out Goodwill’s pricing practices before. Most recently, a TikToker found two pairs of shoes that she donated on sale for $20 and $25. And while the bodysuits found were priced lower at Goodwill than at Target, there have been other instances in which shoppers have found items marked up more than what they retail for, like one shopper who found a $9 Zara shirt selling for $20.

One commenter claims there’s an easy fix, which is for shoppers to simply alert store employees of the price discrepancy. “All you have to do is ask at the register and they will honor the lowest price,” they wrote. responded saying that while she’s aware of this practice, store employees don’t always honor the policy. However, in this instance, it appears that they did. “Sometimes they don’t :/ they did today thank god,” the TikToker wrote.

One commenter shared a hack for getting Goodwill to honor the lower price. “Rip the tag off the expensive one.. they’ll just scan the other one twice.”

Another person lamented the rising prices for second hand clothing in general. “I was at my local thrift store today and couldn’t believe the prices. I’ve never seen so many fifty dollars items at a thrift store in my life.”

One user explained that pricing protocols were different at the Goodwill location they shop at. “My Goodwill priced clothes according to category, all tanks are the same price, skirts etc,” they wrote, to which another person responded saying, “I wish ours were still like that, they used to be.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Goodwill and via email.

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