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‘These goodwill prices are out of hand’: Customer finds Zara shirt for $20 at Goodwill. It originally sells for $9

‘Who told them they could charge like this?’


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A content creator’s clip went viral after she discovered that a Zara shirt was listed for $19.99 at Goodwill—the original price of the shirt retails for less than $9 on the popular fashion brand’s website.

The video was uploaded by TikTok user Margaret Skiff (@margaretskiff). Skiff revealed how one of her favorite “games” to play at Goodwill is to check whether the prices there are higher or lower than the original retail price.

This time, it was the former. The content creator showed a magenta Zara tank top hanging on a rack. Skiff claimed she actually owned this type of tank top and purchased it at Zara herself. She then unveiled the price tag on the tank top—”a whopping $20.” The camera then cuts to Zara’s website, where the tank top is listed for $8.90.

Skiff vented her outrage over this in the caption, writing, “These goodwill prices are out of hand. These items are used and they get them for free! Who told them they could charge like this?”

@margaretskiff These goodwill prices are out of hand. These items are used and they get them for free! Who told them they could charge like this? #goodwill #thrifting #thriftstores #thrift #zara #tanktop #pricey #prices #ridiculous #margaretskiff #secondhand ♬ Au Revoir – Sweet After Tears

The Daily Dot reached out to Goodwill via press email regarding the video. The video amassed 2.2 million views as of Monday, where viewers expressed their confusion.

“This isn’t happening where I live… I’m so confused,” one viewer wrote.

“Huhhh??? The goodwills I go to are not this expensive. What’s going on?” a second asked.

“Where in the world r u at cause everything at my goodwill is $2,” a third echoed.

On the other hand, some shared how they’ve experienced price hikes at their local Goodwill.

“I legit saw a SUNDRESS for $70 at goodwill the other day,” one user shared.

“I went to goodwill the other day and I found a BROKEN shell for $4,” a second commented.

“Found a dollar store trinket listed for $10 the other day GW is done in my books,” a third said.

However, Skiff wasn’t the only one to notice this trend. Recently, Goodwill was caught selling a DIY mirror for $40. In addition, they were allegedly selling an empty Olive Garden to-go container for $1 and an empty salad container for $5. But, the one that takes the cake was a mirror priced at $150.

Update 11:06am CT, June 6: Skiff told the Daily Dot this happened at a Goodwill in Arlington, Virginia.

“Over the past five years I’ve noticed a steady increase in goodwill prices,” she shared via TikTok direct message. “But this particular instance is because of the ‘boutique section which is a ridiculous ripoff.”

While Skiff still shops at Goodwill, she said she doesn’t donate items there. Instead, she said she donates her stuff to shelters for women and the unhoused population.

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