Flight attendant quits, returns to McDonald's job to make more money

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‘Realized I wasn’t earning as much’: McDonald’s worker becomes flight attendant, quits after realizing she made a mistake

'I can't find anywhere with as many guaranteed hours as McDonalds.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Aug 4, 2023

With recent economic volatility, many people are finding different jobs they might not have planned on having, as their previous or current job is not quite cutting it.

Some folks are leaving their jobs for others that have higher pay, or a better culture, at the advice of several job coaches on TikTok.

One former flight attendant said she chose to leave her dream job simply because it was not paying as much as her previous job working at McDonald’s. In the video posted by @saffronkatiie, she says she went through weeks of training to be a flight attendant only to return to McDonald’s part-time less than six months after she began.

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“Started working at McDonald’s in December 2020 during COVID,” a text overlay on the video reads. “Had nothing to do because we were in lockdown so worked 50+ hour weeks earning good (money). Decided to pursue my dream of becoming a flight attendant in May 2022. Quit McDonald’s and did my 6 weeks training.”

The text continues, “Realized I wasn’t earning as much as I use to so decided to go back to McDonald’s part-time along with flying in October 2022. Flying didn’t turn out what I thought it to be and a lot happened so I decided to quit and go back to McDonald’s full time.”

According to Indeed, the average pay rate for a flight attendant in the U.S. is $27.17 per hour, but they are only paid for their flight time, which does not account for time spent waiting at an airport for a plane to arrive.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @saffronkatiie via Instagram direct message regarding the video.

Several viewers remarked on the pay structure for flight attendants, pointing out that it was one of the reasons they also have part-time jobs.

“People don’t realize how bad flight attendants get paid that’s why I haven’t left retail for it yet,” one commenter wrote.

“Only reason I haven’t tried to become a flight attendant is because of the pay like I can’t do that to myself,” another user said.

“Girl I am in the same predicament as you were but I haven’t built up the courage to leave the airline I’m really struggling lol it’s not my vibe,” a viewer echoed.

Others shared that they had also left what they thought was their dream job because they could not handle the workload or found the compensation to be insufficient.

“I got my dream Job 18 months ago,” one commenter wrote. “Did 10 days and quit. went back to my retail job and never been happier.”

“Me but with Sainsbury’s,” another commenter said. “Ended up going back after 3 months because my new ‘better’ job was actually awful.”

“This same situation just happened to me but I work at sonic and quit to pursue real estate, sh!t hit the fan and now I’m back at sonic,” a user commented.

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*First Published: Aug 4, 2023, 11:56 am CDT