Wing Stop employee with bonnet and slippers (l) Wing Stop building with sign (c) Wing Stop employee with bonnet and slippers (r)

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‘Did you try to correct her & give advice or just record?’: DoorDasher criticizes WingStop worker for wearing slippers and hair bonnet at work. It backfires

‘I just went there for five minutes to solve a quick issue.’


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DoorDash drivers see a lot of behind-the-scenes action at restaurants, but one driver is getting backlash after recording a WingStop worker wearing a hair bonnet and slippers at work.

TikToker Moni Jae (@monijai1) filmed the viral clip while picking up a DoorDash order at a WingStop. The video, which garnered 500,000 views and over 36,000 likes, divided viewers as many defended the worker’s outfit.

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“So I happened to be doing a DoorDash yesterday in Thibodaux, Louisiana, baby,” Moni Jae says while showing a WingStop employee sitting on a step ladder behind the counter.

The next shot shows the worker wearing a hair bonnet, fluffy pink slippers, and shorts. “When I tell you she was straight at her house but at work. She had on slippers and a whole head bonnet. Who does this, baby?” Moni Jae continues.

“If I was the owner, I’d be pissed,” she concludes.

Many users criticized the DoorDash driver for posting the clip, with some accusing her of shaming the WingStop worker.

“So did you try to correct her and give advice or just record?” one user asked.

“At the end of the day, y’all always gonna be talking ‘bout someone. The way someone [dresses] doesn’t determine how well they do their job, girl. Get [your] food,” a second replied.

“I think, as humans, we do care a little too much about situations that do not affect us,” another agreed.

“See, this is why people need to mind the business that pays them,” someone else added.

Others on the platform agreed with the Doordash driver that how you present yourself at work matters.

“I’ve seen a dasher, she had on slippers, bonnet, pajama bottoms, and a robe. All I could do was shake my head,” one wrote.

“My mama wouldn’t allow me to go outside with a bonnet, but at work is crazy,” a user shared.

“Big difference between just being outside like this and working like this,” another agreed.

“Idc if I’m getting paid $10 an hour, I’m not showing up in a bonnet and what looks like pajamas,” someone else added.

One user who claimed she was the WingStop worker featured in the clip, defended herself against the Doordash driver’s criticism. She explained why she was in her pajamas: “Man, I just went there for five minutes to solve a quick issue, was texting my boss trying to  solve it. I was comfortable AF, no lie.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Moni Jae via TikTok, and to WingStop via email for further information.

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