Customer demands DoorDash drivers stop picking up multiple orders along with theirs (working HED)

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‘Now my food is gonna be cold’: Customer demands DoorDash drivers stop picking up batched orders along with theirs

'Put your Honda in fast mode.'


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Posted on Apr 14, 2024   Updated on Apr 14, 2024, 1:56 pm CDT

One DoorDash customer doesn’t want their order lumped with anybody else’s meals—if they request food to be brought to them, then they want their meal and their meal alone to be handled by the Dasher.

Pri (@pridontcaree) posted a viral clip highlighting their gripes with the food delivery service. While numerous commenters shared their ire, others argued that it isn’t the driver’s fault.

“Stop doing this. Stop Picking up my food with somebody else’s food and making the f***ing directions GPS bungee jump,” they said. “‘Cause now you got me texting down your phone and you’re not picking up. And I’m trying to tell you to give it back. So that they can give me a different driver. I’m not playing.”

Pri posted a screen capture of their text message conversation with the DoorDash driver, calling them out for deciding to maximize their income-earning potential by picking up another customer’s nearby order.

The TikToker wrote in the message, “What made you think it was smart too pick my food up & some one else food.”

“This is the most ignorant thing you could do is pick my food up with somebody else’s food in the car. Now my food gonna be cold,” the next message reads. “I’m so annoyed put your Honda in fast mode.”

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One commenter wrote that Pri’s anger was misplaced, stating that the driver isn’t to blame for the delay.

“It’s not the driver’s fault,” they wrote. “The app tells you who to deliver to first…”

This was a sentiment echoed by someone else who said, “That’s not the driver’s fault girl pls lmao.”

However, others sympathized with the TikToker’s frustration, stating that they, too, have booted up DoorDash and ordered a meal from a restaurant, only to see that the route the driver took bypassed their own home.

“Nothing worse than when they do this and your house was closer for them to drop off but they drop the other order off first,” one said.

One driver shared their own perspective on the situation, writing, “I’m sorry but if they ask me if I wanna add on another order for +$7 and 1/2 a mile I’m accepting it.”

What’s especially egregious, said one commenter, is that they still receive these types of delays despite dropping extra cash to have their order prioritized.

“When you pay for priority they still do it!!!!” they wrote.

Several customers have complained about “batched” orders delaying their deliveries, like the individuals who got into a discussion about the practice in this Quora forum. One person, who is listed as a “Top Dasher” for the popular meal delivery service, explained what the process of accepting a batch order looks like from her end.

“This often happens when there are multiple orders getting ready for pickup in the same area,” they wrote. “For instance, I’m en route to pick up an order from Chipotle. And DoorDash says ‘Hey, while you’re there, would you mind picking up this other order at Chipotle too?’ And I accept. While I’m at Chipotle picking up two different orders, DoorDash says ‘Hey, there’s also an order for pickup at the Burger King across the street. Any chance you can handle picking up that one too?’ And I say yes. Because, seriously, I need the money. We all do, that’s a big part of why we do this job.”

Despite still not turning a profit, DoorDash is a massively popular and widely used application—according to Yahoo, the service is projected to nearly break even by the end of Q4 2024.

The Daily Dot has reached out to DoorDash and Pri via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Apr 14, 2024, 3:00 pm CDT