Disgusting DoorDash drink discovery

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Andrew Wyrich


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Hello fellow web crawlers! Andrew here. Welcome to today’s edition of web_crawlr

Our top stories this weekend are about: A DoorDash customer who discovered something disgusting in her drink, why Justice Alito’s ‘wife guy’ defense of his upside-down flag is getting mocked, an explainer of the viral “triangle method of flirting,” and people sharing conspiracy theories about an “anomaly” in the ocean

After that, we’ve got another edition of “Meme History” for you. 

See you next week! 

— A.W. 

⚡ Today in internet culture

‘I wouldn’t have even seen that omg’: Customer quits using DoorDash, Uber Eats after finding something unusual in drink

A TikTok user has vowed to never use food delivery apps again after posting a video of something truly disgusting in a drink she ordered via DoorDash.


Justice Alito’s full-on ‘wife guy’ defense of upside-down flag instantly becomes iconic meme

That “my-wife-made-me-do-it” excuse was quickly mocked online by posters who riffed on the idea that Alito, a conservative hardliner on the court who helped overturn Roe v. Wade, would ever make such a modern argument in favor of women’s rights.


What’s old is new again. TikTok users are falling in love with a flirting technique from the past that has found new life with a new generation.


What is this large ‘anomaly’ that experts are tracking in the ocean? Is it a leviathan?

Is there a leviathan in the ocean? Experts were recently baffled by the appearance of “a giant cluster of waves over 80 feet high and spanning 2,000 miles” that appeared off the western coast of Africa.


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🤓 Meme History

By Kyle Calise
Video Producer

Drake memes

Meme History: Drake memes 

Meme History is a weekly column that dives deep into internet lore to uncover the history of famous memes. It runs on Saturdays in the Daily Dot’s web_crawlr newsletter. If you want to get this column a day before we publish it, subscribe to web_crawlr, where you’ll get the daily scoop of internet culture delivered straight to your inbox.

🕸️ Crawling the web

Here is what else is happening across the ‘net.

🚽 Costco is known for having a good return policy. But one TikTok user further demonstrated how Costco “will literally return anything” after her acquaintance returned a used bidet.

👩‍🏫 This teacher went viral after showing what they received in a Teacher Appreciation Week bag. 

🛩️ FrustratingRatchetInfuriatingCheap. These are some of the words folks have used in communicating what it feels like to fly on Spirit Airlines.

🎤 This man got a lot of attention for calling out Spotify for allegedly scamming users with fake concerts.

💵 While checkout screens calculate tip percentages for you, should they be trusted? One TikToker reminds viewers the importance of doing the math yourself after almost being overcharged

🌯 A Chipotle customer ordered double meat steak burrito. He couldn’t believe what he received

📹 From the Daily Dot archive: Here’s how local governments are surveilling their workers

👋 Before you go

Recently, “Walmart hacks” have become incredibly popular online. From price glitches to secret discounts, many have shared all sorts of tips and tricks to get the lowest price while shopping at the store.

While these discounts may excite shoppers, employees aren’t always big fans of such significant price dips. When observing these discounts, employees have repeatedly accused shoppers of somehow marking the price down themselves, such as this shopper who tried to buy furniture and another who attempted to purchase discount diapers.

Now, another internet user is sharing their story of being accosted while trying to take advantage of a discount at Walmart.

Walmart shopper says worker harassed her, accused her of stealing after scoring clearance items
@saving_mom/TikTok Tupungato/ShutterStock (Licensed)
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