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‘I wouldn’t have even seen that omg’: Customer quits using DoorDash, Uber Eats after finding something unusual in drink

‘I always throw the drink away.. but now… I’m done ordering all together.’


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A TikTok user has vowed to never use food delivery apps again after posting a video of what appears to be spit in a drink she ordered via DoorDash.

The video, which was posted by TikTok user @atm.niah on May 15, shows a transparent drink in a typical fast-food cup. Using the paper wrapper from a straw, the TikToker fishes out a dangling substance which hangs from the wrapper.

The rest of the order didn’t fare much better, with fried chicken and fries scattered at the bottom of the delivery bag, as if the Dasher tossed it out of its container intentionally.

The footage was accompanied by the on-screen caption: “POV: No more DoorDash or Uber eats.” It has left viewers disgusted and rethinking their own food delivery habits.

One of them said, “This was confirmation. i JUST threw a drink out immediately because it wasn’t sealed.”

“I always throw the drink away.. but now… I’m done ordering all together,” a second added.

“Got me regretting the times I didn’t check,” a third wrote.

@atm.niah Thats just plain out nasty asffff i was heated like wtf i did. I should’ve rocked that h03 world just because she took to long and it was 1 sum in the a.m. #fyp #blowthisup #miamisubgrill #neveragain ♬ original sound – deandreknowles96

One commenter probed further, asking if there had been any prior issues with the delivery person. In a follow-up TikTok, @atm.niah clarifies, “Me and the DoorDasher didn’t have no problem,” adding, “We had no issues so I’m trying to figure out why the [expletive] would you spit in the [expletive]? Like why … would you do that? That is so nasty.”

Since then, the TikToker posted another update video discussing the possibility of taking legal action.

Not an isolated incident

While it’s difficult to say how common it is for delivery drivers to tamper with orders, incidents like these have happened before. Previously, a Starbucks customer went viral after posting footage of what appeared to be spit in a coffee she ordered via Postmates. In another viral TikTok, a woman claimed a Dasher simply ate her Wingstop order and delivered the leftovers. Additionally, a Ring camera caught footage of a deliveryman spitting on an order after he was allegedly unhappy with the tip.

On DoorDash’s site, it warns drivers: “Do not open food containers or tamper with the order in any way.” It also shared a YouTube video from a Dasher discussing best ways to handle a customer’s food.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @atm.niah via a TikTok comment and to DoorDash as well as Uber via press email.

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