Chipotle customer tells new employee that he's eaten there for 624 days in a row

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‘I would if i could afford it, but $20 for a bowl is insane’: Chipotle customer tells new employee that he’s eaten there for 624 days in a row

'When i worked at chipotle i ate there 5 days a week and this is next level.'


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Posted on Sep 7, 2023   Updated on Sep 7, 2023, 11:25 am CDT

Many people on TikTok love food from Chipotle. The restaurant is so popular, in fact, that the platform is overrun with hacks about how to get the most bang for your buck when ordering from the chain. 

Still, given the high cost of many items from Chipotle, users typically don’t think of the restaurant as a place for an everyday meal. 

TikTok user Dillon Wareham (@dillonwareham) is one exception. According to Wareham, he’s eaten food from Chipotle for over 600 days—and he plans to eat from the restaurant for 1,000 days straight.

“After 624 days of eating Chipotle every single day, one of the funniest things is when a new employee starts at the location I go to,” he says of his Chipotle experience in a video with over 1 million views.


It’s so funny when a new employee at chipotle meet me for the first time. The pure shock they get when they find out. I’ve been eating here for 624 days.

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The incident that inspired the video was another new hire at his usual Chipotle.

“I explained what day it was, and the look on her face…at first it’s shock, then it’s disbelief, then I think sometimes—the look on their face is like, ‘why would you do that?’” he muses.

This response, he explains, is understandable.

“I understand that nobody in their right mind eats [at] the same place every day for 624 days, but I’ve never claimed to be in my right mind,” Wareham says. “I know I’m not all there. That’s one thing that makes me great. You know what I’m saying?” 

In another video, Wareham calculated the cost of his many days of Chipotle eating, 

At the 514-day mark, Wareham estimated that he’s spent $6,062.25 on Chipotle, meaning that he spends around $11.79 per day to eat Chipotle. In another video, he says his costs may be lower than expected as he gets a free bowl approximately once per week after accumulating points at the restaurant. He says he has also been given gift cards by the company and previously won 52 free bowls.

Wareham’s motivation for doing this, writes, is twofold: “an appreciation for Chipotle, and a desire to be a full-time social media content creator.”

“I would love to be Flo from Progressive for Chipotle,” Wareham told “I would love to be that guy. I would love to do commercials with the company. I think there are already several people that when they see my face, they think of Chipotle.’”

As for his health, Wareham claims he recently got bloodwork done and was told he was healthy.

@dillonwareham Replying to @Alexandra G ♬ original sound – Dillon Wareham

Wareham has also repeatedly stated that he typically orders a single style of burrito bowl.

In the comments section of one of Wareham’s videos, users expressed awe at his commitment to the project.

“When i worked at chipotle i ate there 5 days a week and this is next level,” wrote a user.

“You haven’t gone on vacation at all,” noted a second viewer. (Though Wareham tells that he did, in fact, go on vacation, specifically on a cruise. “I had to sneak it on,” he explained. “I had to get my bowls, wrap some clothes around them, shove them in the middle of my suitcase, and they made it on, thank God”.)

That said, some say Wareham is living the dream.

“I would eat there every day if I could afford it,” declared a commenter. “It’s addicting.”

“If I had to choose a restaurant to eat every single day it would definitely be chipotle,” offered a second.

The Daily Dot reached out to Wareham via email.

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*First Published: Sep 7, 2023, 11:24 am CDT