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‘I’ve been doing this for a while now and it has not failed me yet’: Chipotle customer shares $5 meal for DIY bowl

‘It is plenty of food, the perfect amount for me.’


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Many TikTokers have shared how they order from the kid’s menu at restaurants to score meals for a bargain. One creator recently shared a “$5 Chipotle hack” to get a bang for your burrito bowl buck.

TikTok creator Liv (@livholway) posted the video on Monday, and it has already received over 47,000 views.

@livholway My love for Chipotle is endless #chipotlehack #chipotleforcheap #bougieonabudget #budgetfriendly #fivedollarchipotle #cheapchipotle ♬ original sound – Liv

“I’m not the first one to do this, so this is not original at all, but I’ve been doing this for a while now, and it has not failed me,” Liv says.

Here’s the deal: Order a kid’s cheese quesadilla, which comes with three sides. Liv gets rice, beans, and chicken. The meal comes in a takeout container with four compartments. Liv eats the quesadilla first so she can mix the three side portions into the larger compartment, making a mini burrito bowl.

The creator says she orders an extra side of corn salsa and never gets charged. Plus, the kid’s meal comes with a drink and chips.

Liv shows the receipt to prove the meal cost $5. “Not bad,” she says.

“Don’t be scared off by the fact that this is a kid’s meal,” Liv concludes. “It is plenty of food, the perfect amount for me.”

One viewer commented, “I do this at cava and it’s so much food.”

Another commenter wrote, “great for portion control.”

“I get a cheese and fajita veggie quesadilla with the kids meal. So good,” a comment read.

“I do this all the time!! It’s more than enough food!” one viewer added.

According to Chipotle’s online ordering system, a kids quesadilla meal—including rice, beans, a protein, a flour tortilla, chips or fruit, and a drink—costs $5.41 after tax in Austin, Texas.

As Liv mentions in the video, this ordering strategy isn’t new. TikTok user Amelia (@mothersewsbest) went viral at the beginning of the year for posting the same $5 hack. Last month, creator Cat (@fruitstick) made a video about ordering Chipotle kid’s meals five nights a week for around $5. 

But another creator tried to order the kid’s quesadilla meal and found herself charged for an adult meal. Commenters suggested that she should have ordered via the app instead of in person.

Other restaurants where TikTok users have found kids’ menu gold include Chuy’s and Olive Garden.

The Daily Dot contacted Liv via TikTok direct message and Chipotle via email for further information.

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