Customer criticizes Chipotle after they charged her for corn topping; Chipotle Restaurant sign

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‘After I just spent $13 on a bowl?’: Customer criticizes Chipotle after she got charged extra for corn topping

‘I miss when chipotle bowls used to be $6.’


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With prices remaining high after a year of record increases, users online are becoming more conscious of how much money they spend on everyday items—and how much extra money businesses are trying to get from them in the process.

For example, there’s been a recent trend of TikTok users detailing how fast-food restaurants are beginning to charge extra for minor items that used to be free. One user claimed that McDonald’s was beginning to charge for sauce packets, while another alleged that a Starbucks employee attempted to charge her $1 for removing the ice from her drink.

TikTok user Leiah (@leiahwithdacamry) has made a similar accusation in the past, claiming that a Popeyes employee charged her $1 for a sauce packet. Now, she’s sparking discussion again after calling out Chipotle for charging her extra for additional corn.

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“I said, ‘Can I have some more corn?’…He said, ‘It’s going to be extra,’” she recalls in a video with over 778,000 views as of Sunday morning. Leiah then covers her mouth in shock.

“Y’all are charging extra now? For corn?” she says.

“Bro, are you serious right now? After all we’ve been through? After I just spent $13 on a bowl? You’re really going to charge me for some extra corn?” she asks.

But the charges did not stop there. According to Leiah, she was also informed that she would be charged for the extra vinaigrette.

“Why are y’all getting so strict right now?” she continues. “Bro, you need to calm down.”

This should not come as a surprise—several users have warned for years now that Chipotle would be charging for extras. Still, it may be upsetting to hear that the chain is making customers pay extra for something like corn, which is notoriously one of the cheapest crops to produce and buy in the country.

In the comments section, users expressed their displeasure with Chipotle’s prices.

“When my bf and I order chipotle it be coming out to like 60 just for two bowls and chips,” a commenter claimed.

“They tried to charge me for extra dressing in Atlanta,” a second user shared. “I just knew I was getting scammed!”

“That’s crazy,” another viewer wrote. “They better start filling that vinaigrette if they are going to charge extra.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Chipotle and Leiah via email.

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