Woman shares why you should cancel your Hulu subscription right now

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‘I do this every year’: Woman shares why you should cancel your Hulu subscription right now

'Save some money.'


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Posted on Nov 24, 2023   Updated on Nov 23, 2023, 11:50 pm CST

The holiday season is typically alit with colorful lights, decoration, a drift of tinsel—and of course, all the holiday deals.

Eagle-eyed shoppers will have their sights set on the best deals available, from power tools at the Home Depot to the latest in pocket-sized tech; retailers are spitting out specials, deals, and discounts left and right to get an early start on the holiday shopping season.

The spirit of such deals provided in physical stores has spread to streaming services, with Peacock, Max and Paramount Plus among those offering special subscription discounts for all or part of the next 12 months.

One in particular—a discount being offered by Hulu—has a content creator urging viewers to delete their accounts and create new ones to take advantage of a new rate: $0.99 per month, for 12 months. Effectively, a year of Hulu for about $12.

In a video posted to TikTok, content creator @paretay’s message about the streaming deal has been seen more than 5.1 million times.

“This is for anyone who has Hulu: you should cancel your account—make a new one—because right now they’re running a promo,” she says in the video. “$0.99 a month for an entire year. Save some money.”

The discount is for the streaming platform’s base plan, with ads, and ends Nov. 28.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @paretay via TikTok direct message regarding the video.

Several viewers commented on the video that @paretay’s public service announcement did indeed prompt them to immediately cancel their accounts to take advantage of the deal, as it is only available to new customers and those who have not been customers for over a month.

“they need to pay you for this bc I immediately went and bought it after watching,” one commenter wrote.

“This!” another commenter wrote. “my husband and I Switch the Hulu account every black Friday, haven’t paid more than $12 for Hulu in like 8 years.”

“THANK YOU!” a commenter wrote. “Just signed up again.”

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Others wrote that they were struggling to find a precise access point to sign up for the deal, and were being directed exclusively to the existing $7.99 plan—but a few viewers had ideas about getting around this roadblock.

“tried to cancel mine and get the new one, but it wouldn’t let me sign up even with a new email, but it did give me a 6 month discount on my old one,” one commenter wrote.

“i’m only getting the $7.99 option for starting an account?” another commenter wrote.

“Go to google and search “Hulu 99c” and go through cbs news link,” a commenter wrote.

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*First Published: Nov 24, 2023, 4:00 am CST