iHop customer calculates tip, split check on Apple Watch in PSA


‘I’m always learning something on this app’: IHOP customer calculates tip, splits check on Apple Watch with this little-known feature

'Why can't the normal calculator on the phone do this too?'


Tiffanie Drayton


Posted on Apr 18, 2023

Apple watches are wearable technologies that never cease to amaze users. From tracking your heart rate, to answering calls and responding to emails and texts, it seems like the watch can do just about anything a regular cell phone can.

However, one TikToker was shocked to discover a lesser-known feature of the Series 8 Apple Watch: It can also calculate tips and split bills.

In a video shared by user @shazz_art, that has been viewed over 323,000 times, she walks viewers through the steps for using the calculator app to calculate tips and split the bill between as many people as needed. She uses her bill from IHOP as an example. First she types the bill total into the calculator, then she hits the “Tip” button, which can be adjusted by using the side buttons on the watch to increase or decrease the tip percentage. When the total is calculated, the watch also has the additional option to split the bill multiple parties.

@shazz_art Did yall know the apple watch could do this? 🤯 #applewatch #applewatchseries8 #applewatchhacks #jamaicatiktok ♬ original sound – shazz_art

“Wow,” she says after the tutorial.

Many users in the comments were also happily surprised by the watch’s helpful feature.

“Just tried it,” another wrote. “Always learn something new on this app.”

“Why can’t the normal calculator on the phone do this too?” one TikTok user lamented in the comments section.

Some didn’t see the point, saying that they make it a point to reward good service regardless of the total amount and calculating a percentage from that: “I tip based on service. Even if it’s $20 my bill was, if it’s good service I’ll give you $10,” a user observed.

In the Instacart and DoorDash era, tip discourse is a constant source of viral drama. But on this day, the consensus in the TikTok’s comments section is that this Apple Watch feature can at least deter someone from tipping 6% on a $600 tab.

The Daily Dot reached out to user @shazz_art for comment via TikTok comments but did not receive a response by time of publication.

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*First Published: Apr 18, 2023, 10:47 pm CDT