Customer spends 3 hours in the Apple Store after not getting fix or replacement for defective AirPods.

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‘I’ve never been told no’: Customer spends 3 hours in the Apple Store after not getting fix or replacement for defective AirPods. Here’s what she did

‘Scare them at all costs.’


Nina Hernandez


Someone who claims she’s never been told no in her entire life went about securing a replacement pair of AirPods during a recent trip to the Apple Store.

A TikTok creator named Sophie, who goes by username @sophie_ogle on the platform, posted the video from Grand Central Terminal in New York, getting more than 613,000 views and 600 comments since it was posted on Saturday.

“One thing about me is if you can’t tell by my aesthetic and my demeanor, I’ve never been told no in my f*cking life,” Sophie begin the video. “So with that being said, I just got done spending 3 hours at the Apple Store because Apple sold me a pair of faulty AirPods.”


♬ My aesthetic and demeanaaa – Sophie Ogle

“It was determined by the diagnostic test that the AirPods were having a manufacturing issue and that it was not user error,” she went on to explain. “And they were like, but, just kidding, we can’t replace them.”

“I told the guy you’re really cool, this is nothing personal. But in this point in where we’re at, I’m going to start getting louder and f*cking loud—until the point where I’m literally screaming—until I get what I want. Which is either a new pair of AirPods or for mine to get fixed. Plain and simple. I didn’t feel like anyone was taking me seriously. But anyway, so my new AirPods come in 3 days,” Sophie revealed.

Commenters expressed support for Sophie’s tactics and Veruca Salt energy.

One noted wanting to be like Sophie, remarking, “I’m too scared to even ask for stuff bc of my fear of NO.”

“Me too,” replied Sophie. “I won’t even tell my nail lady if I don’t like my nails but I’m trying to be more forward and get what I want especially if I paid for it now!”

“Wish I was more like you,” said another.

“I need you as a friend,” said another.

Someone else approved of Sophie’s tactics by saying, “Same girl. Same.”

Sophie, creating what might be a personal motto, responded, “Scare them at all costs.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Sophie via TikTok DM and Apple via email for comment.

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