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The meaning and history behind “pause no Diddy”

“No homo and pause is now no diddy.”


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No Diddy” or “Pause No Diddy” is a slang phrase meaning “no homo” or “pause” after lawsuits alleged that rapper Sean Love Combs, popularly known as Diddy, engaged in sexual contact with other men. As with similar terms, people say “no Diddy” after making statements or performing actions that could be interpreted as queer in any way to affirm that they are, in fact, straight.

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Each of these slang terms has been criticized for homophobia because they imply that being queer is undesirable, gross, or wrong.

Pause No Diddy meaning

The phrase “no homo” is used to deny any queer identity or intention by the individual who said or did something that they feel could be interpreted as gay, saying it after the statement or action like a ward against queerness. Others who witnessed the allegedly queer or queer-adjacent action may say “pause” directly after it was performed to give the actor a chance to say “no homo.”

“No Diddy” refers to rapper Sean Combs, who has taken many names but is currently most often called Diddy. Recent lawsuits accusing the artist of sexual harassment and assault as well as human trafficking allegedly also imply that he engaged in sexual relations with fellow rappers Meek Mill and Usher.

The implication that Diddy may be queer resulted in the spread of the phrase “no Diddy” as a substitute for “no homo” intended to deride the artist.

No Diddy origins

In November 2023, R&B singer Cassie Ventura filed a lawsuit against Combs alleging that he physically and sexually assaulted her on numerous occasions, including subjecting her to sex trafficking, over a period of ten years. While the two artists quickly settled the lawsuit between them, the allegations resulted in considerable criticism against Combs among the public.

The following February, hip-hop producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones corroborated Ventura’s claims with his own lawsuit alleging that Combs sexually harassed, assaulted, and groomed him for around a year. He further stated that he witnessed Combs engaging in sexual contact with minors and drugging both women and girls for the purpose of sexual assault.

While the allegations against Combs were extensive and horrific, at one point earning him a comparison to Jeffrey Epstein, some focused primarily on the sexual contact between the rapper and other men.

Rumors of the alleged queer interactions surfaced around the time of Ventura’s lawsuit, resulting in a viral, now-deleted tweet proposing a replacement for the old homophobic slang: “No homo and pause is now no diddy.”

The user, who also no longer exists, posted the joke tweet on November 17, 2023.

No diddy spread

Philadelphia rapper Quilly was the one who popularized the phrase “no Diddy” after he used it several times on an episode of the “Off the Record” podcast hosted by DJ Akademiks on March 19, 2024.

Days later, the phrase took off on Twitter and soon made its way to TikTok, where videos of people reacting to someone saying “no Diddy” instead of “no homo” went viral.

Rapper Gucci Mane took it a step further by putting out a music video for his song titled “TakeDat (No Diddy)” on April 24, 2024, which has since gained over 3.6 million views.

Criticism of “no Diddy”

The slang term “no homo” faced criticism for many years before the allegations against Combs for suggesting that homosexuality is so terrible that it must be immediately disavowed if the notion even enters the room. People are criticizing “no Diddy” for the same reason.

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Additionally, “no Diddy” has come under fire for turning the focus away from the much more serious accusations against Combs. Many social media users have pointed out that the problem with the rapper’s behavior is not that he did anything gay, but that he allegedly engaged in a sex trafficking and extortion operation and regularly drugged, sexually assaulted, groomed, and raped both adults and minors.

No diddy use examples

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