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Like everything else about him, Drake’s new album cover is a meme

‘They didn’t waste anytime time memeing him 😂😂😂.’


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Drake‘s next record, Views from the 6, drops Friday—and according to people on Twitter thirsty to hear the album, it hasn’t leaked yet. It’s Monday, and all we have so far is the official album cover, which is ripe for some Photoshop manipulation. As one Drake fan Tumblr put it, “they didn’t waste anytime time memeing him 😂😂😂.” 

The Views cover features Drizzy sitting atop Toronto’s CN Tower, looking for all the world like the Sad Keanu Reeves image that blew up online five years ago. This edit was inevitable: 

And so was a mashup with this year’s dominant sad-guy meme, Crying Jordan

OK, maybe more than one:

And then there are the rap beef memes. Young Thug, who belongs in the current Best Rapper Alive conversation, recently dropped the insanely great Slime Season 3 mixtape. Views has to be fire for Drake to hold onto his crown this year.

Cash Money label boss Birdman is currently “screwing over” Drake and the rest of Lil Wayne’s Young Money crew in an extended, multimillion-dollar legal battle. Plus, he’s in the news this week after petulantly storming out of an appearance on The Breakfast Club. So, of course … 

Screw it, let’s put everyone up there:

And put teeny-tiny Drake everywhere: 

There’s more. So much more. I guess I should have seen this one coming, too, from the world’s biggest fan of Seinfeld (if it were still on TV today): 

If you want to make your own, you don’t have to start from the bottom. Designer Chuck Anderson has already done most of the work for you: 

Have fun clowning Drake, but remember that no Drizzy meme will ever top this one

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