Shrek as a human

Shrek 2/Peacock

Human Shrek is too beautiful for this world

How a surly ogre became a meme-favorite smoke show.


Mike Hadge


Human Shrek is an image of everyone’s favorite comedic ogre Shrek in a very handsome, attractive human form. However, the character still retains some of his identifiable ogre-like features. It is often paired with extreme lust, thirst, or admiration by the poster.

Human Shrek also cannot be unseen. Once a person lays eyes on him, their standards for attractiveness in another person may become instantly unreasonable.

Pinterest Post of Bearded Human Shrek by iFunny

Does Shrek ever turn into a human?

Shrek does indeed turn into a human in 2004’s Shrek 2. In the film, Shrek (voiced by Mike Myers) faces a crisis of confidence and drinks a “Happily Ever After” potion that he believes will make him good enough for his love, Fiona (Cameron Diaz). The potion turns Shrek into the human image the internet’s been thrusting over for 20 years. 

Wait, people on the internet thirst hard for Human Shrek?

Oh boy, do they ever.

FabricioPezoa Reddit Post of HumanShrek
Facebook post by Beautiful-Talented-Deadly of Human Shrek
Imgflip post by kermitthefrog69 of Human-Shrek
Reddit post by armance83 of bearded Human Shrek

Is there a real Human Shrek and is he single?

Sort of and well, probably not. The real-world inspiration for Shrek, it’s suspected, is a Russian-born Frenchman named Maurice Tillet, who also went by “The French Angel.” Tillet was born in 1903 and called “angel” by childhood friends for his blonde hair and boyish face.

Sadly, at age 17, Tillet was diagnosed with acromegaly, a hormonal disorder that leads to increased bone growth in the face, hands, and feet. Famously, Tillet was a World Wrestling Champion in the early 40s. 

However, as the internet has proven time and again, there are real Shreks out there walking among us.

Reddit post by Deyuu12 of a Human Shrek
Reddit post by LeatehrSlight324 of Human-Shrek

Shrek and Zach Efron

Many across social media have pointed out that actor Zac Efron and Human Shrek bear more than a striking resemblance. Efron’s bulkier build, as demonstrated in recent films such as The Iron Claw, as well as his chiseled jawline and dreamy eyes have led folks to make the comparison online many times. 

X post by @doxie_gay of Human-Shrek and Zac Efron

Along the way, a meme was made depicting Efron as reacting to the comparison. However, as far as I can tell, this was a (nevertheless amusing) Photoshop job. 

Facebook post by Hand-of-the-Meme of Human Shrek and Zac Efron

More Shrek memes:

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