Joey Salads suggests Democrats carried out Santa Clarita mass shooting
The YouTuber turned politician tweeted out the conspiracy theory in meme form.
What is the meme of the decade?
Distracted Boyfriend, Galaxy Brain, or Woman Yelling at Cat?
The ‘I’m baby’ meme gets much more literal on TikTok
On TikTok, 'I'm baby' means something a little different.
‘One month left in the decade’ meme wants to know what you’ve accomplished
You still have time to get some stuff done this decade.
Why the internet is obsessed with the Home Depot song
The teens can't get enough.
Han Solo shooting scene changed yet again, spawning ‘Maclunkey’ memes
The edit can be seen in the Disney+ version of 'A New Hope.'
The ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ live-action redesign is a marked improvement
After complaints from fans, the filmmakers totally overhauled Sonics weirdly realistic design.
Artist says Thinx underwear campaign ripped off their memes (updated)
Bunny Michael says Thinx was familiar with their work.
Dak Prescott’s pregame warmup becomes an instant meme
#DakDancestoAnything is winning the internet.
‘That’s not a hymen’ meme is here to troll T.I.
'It's a spiritual song sung during church or praise.'
Epstein died, but ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’ memes are alive and well
People earnestly believe this, and the best way to spread that message is through memes.
Stans are sharing their faves’ youngest accomplishments for Michelangelo meme
'Rihanna was only 19 when she invented Umbrella.'
‘Little Mermaid Live!’ flopped—but the memes are good
Viewers were left feeling kinda soggy...
Twitter users are remixing ‘Eleanor Rigby’ for new meme
The meme remixes three original verses from the 1966 song.
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