Bongo Cat proves that the internet still loves cats
The earnest meme we needed in 2018.
Trump calls for ‘boarder security’ instead of ‘border security’
This isn't the first time he's made this typo.
What the American Chopper meme taught us in 2018
If these two can have rational debates, maybe we all can.
Holland Tunnel decorations are a real nightmare before Christmas
The Holland Tunnel might have been easier to build than decorate.
Pence gets meme’d for zen-like looks during Trump’s White House showdown
The vice president's demeanor during the meeting inspired many jokes.
2018: The year astrology memes exploded on the internet
From Aries to Pisces, why all the signs love to be dragged.
Poster for ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ movie sparks memes
Gotta go fast and far away from this nightmare fuel.
Gritty, seal with eel top Twitter’s choices for Trump’s next chief of staff
There were a lot of suggestions that were... out there.
A year of apologizing to the internet
The year started with a 'So sorry' and only got worse.
‘Death Grips is online’ is trending, so what does it mean?
You, too, can get retweeted by Death Grips.
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