People are making dark memes about the coronavirus
Finally, a virus for frat bros.
‘Yeah, good. OK’ Bernie Sanders meme is a new way to dismiss people
Is 'Yeah, good. OK' the new 'OK boomer?'
Iguanas are falling from trees—and people are selling them online for food
'If you like falling iguanas and getting caught in the rain...'
Trans/Sex: Let trans art be messy, weird, and uncomfortable
One girl's 'messy' is another's 'beautiful.'
Space Force uniforms relentlessly mocked, memed
The first look at the uniforms is here.
TikTok dudes are dipping their balls in soy sauce for ‘science’
No, your balls probably can't taste food. That hasn't stopped dudes from dipping.
Trump’s latest impeachment tweet inspires perfect meme
Deepfake app turns you into your favorite GIFs
Doublicat utilizes artificial intelligence to swap users' faces with those of celebrities.
‘OK boomer’ meme makes it to the Supreme Court
It's not all fun and games and 'OK boomers.'
Time magazine gave Jared Kushner curves
The unnaturally thin belly area has become a meme.
Angel Mamii and John Dees conquered TikTok. Now what?
The creative duo discuss their weirdly unique brand of short-form video comedy.
This hashtag proves that even Baby Yoda has problems
Being short stinks and frogs always taste better fresh.
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