Fighting over the ‘Marriage Story’ fight scene becomes a meme
The 'Marriage Story' discourse is here.
How emotional labor discourse spawned multiple memes
Are you in the right headspace to look at these memes?
Guy gets mocked for tattoo of Baby Yoda drinking White Claw
'A sadder tattoo there has never been.'
There’s a lot you can say during sex and also while at Disney World 
'Name something you can say during a Giants game and sex.'
Top Republican says impeachment is about ‘tears in Brooklyn’
It's certainly a claim someone could make.
Kamala Harris drops out of presidential race—killing a top 2020 meme
The Kopmala meme is gone but not forgotten.
This Peloton ad is the stuff of holiday nightmares
'Peloton' means a group of riders, but this woman seems so very, very alone.
Queen Elizabeth is very much alive—despite what you may have read on Twitter
The rumors of her death have been greatly exaggerated.
Baby Yoda continues reign over the internet with sipping soup meme
Baby Yoda is cuter than Kermit, but that's none of my business.
Joe Biden nibbling wife’s finger is now a meme
'The entire upper third of the finger, directly in the center of the mouth.'
This meme makes it clear that you and your crush’s ex are NOT the same
'You're in his DM's, but we emotionally traumatized each other. We are not the same.'
This ‘Prom Dress’ Lil Jon remix on TikTok has become an anthem of positivity
You're good enough, you're smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like you!
The most popular Trump GIFs on the internet
Some of the funniest GIFs of the president.
People are cooking up memes amid Instagram, Facebook outages
Facebook confirmed its family of apps experienced outages Thursday morning.
Papa John’s bonkers new interview is inspiring jokes and memes
Homeboy needs to lay off the garlic butter sauce.
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