shrimps is bugs tattoo on leg

Is shrimps bugs?

Why should you cover up the truth?

On by Aimée Lutkin

golden snub nosed monkey

The golden snub-nosed monkey meme: a history

Would you give this sweet little man a berry?

On by Anna Good

crowdstrike meme

CrowdStrike memes proliferate in the wake of the Microsoft outage

“They got the Vegas ball.”

On by Lindsey Weedston

drawing of whiteboard from one piece shouting 'the one piece is real!'

What is the Whitebeard ‘The One Piece is Real’ meme?


On by Mike Hadge

homer simpson disappearing into hedge

The story behind the ultimate Homer Simpson meme

The meme that ate a million Homers.

On by Lindsey Weedston

Homepage article image

Pebbling: a love language inspired by penguins

“Nothing says I miss you like the pebbling of a meme”

On by Anna Good

biden covid meme

A Biden COVID meme is the best medicine

“Me after eating Taco Bell for the third meal in a row.”

On by Lindsey Weedston

red jester sitting in chair

Who is Boo Boo the Fool and is it you?

It’s me, I’m boo boo. Boo boo the fool.

On by Aimée Lutkin

David Cross

Who is Ian Hawke and why is he a meme?

I told you, Dave. I never lose.

On by Mike Hadge

Girl and bear puppet

The innocent origins of the ‘we’re just normal men’ meme

Just normal memes. Just innocent memes.

On by Lindsey Weedston

tiger woods shaking hands with a tree

Tiger Woods shaking hands with a tree is one of golf’s funniest memes

Here’s why Tiger Woods shaking hands with a tree has gone viral.

On by Angela Andaloro

Three split of different people showing 'septum arms'

What is the ‘septum arms’ trend taking over TikTok?

TikTokers have made it their mission to define “septum arms.”

On by Anna Good

Sloped roof(l), Secret service agent(r). Text over 'Good slope, bad slope'

The sloped roof meme leaves the Secret Service’s reputation off balance

What do you mean there were no agents on the roof because it was sloped?

On by Lindsey Weedston

raccoon with hands up

Pedro Raccoon is TikTok’s favorite dancer

Pedro raccoon is beating up the beat.

On by Angela Andaloro

US flag (l), UK flag(r) with text over it saying 'what can be unburdened by what has been'

What can be, unburdened by what has been: a meme

“God grant me the serenity to be unburdened by what has been, the courage to see what can be, and the wisdom to live in the context.”

On by Lindsey Weedston

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