Bernie Sanders’ Valentine’s Day memes are all the rage
He is once again asking for your heart.
Rapper Kash Doll accused of racism after posting coronavirus meme
In the meme, Mulan is the only Disney princess not wearing a mask.
First and Last Letter meme gets new life on TikTok
The name game is getting a creative update on TikTok.
People can’t get enough of this running owl
Where exactly is this owl going?
Joaquin Phoenix riffing on cow insemination in Oscar speech is getting memed
'We feel entitled to artificially inseminate a cow.'
Martin Scorsese reacting to Eminem’s Oscars performance is an entire 2020 mood
The rapper won an award for the song in 2003, but did not show up to the ceremony.
Billie Eilish’s reaction face is already the top Oscars meme
Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig got a reaction from Billie Eilish.
Sanders-Buttigieg headphones meme shows which candidate has cooler taste
While Sanders jams out to David Bowie and Queen, Buttigieg listens to Vanilla Ice.
These German teens prove TikTok transcends language barriers
People are obsessed with this TikTok, despite having no idea what's being said.
Pete Davidson undergoes drag makeover with RuPaul on ‘SNL,’ prompting memes
RuPaul saw the 'future of drag' in Pete Davidson’s character, Chad.
Photo of Trump’s very orange face is a hotbed for memes
'Tupperware after you store spaghetti in it.'
Dua Lipa’s ‘Don’t Start Now’ soundtracks TikTok ‘Full 180’ meme
Dua Lipa's catchy single is making people turn around.
Twitter users reporting people who use LeBron crying over Kobe’s death as a meme
While many agreed to never use the photos as a meme, some still did.
‘Sad Keanu’ meme spotted in Ukrainian textbook
Keanu Reeves is giving some Ukrainian 10th-graders an alternative history lesson.
TikTok meme freeze-frames those awkward moments
Lil Wayne is involved too.
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