harry potter baking show

Food Network announces Harry Potter-themed baking show hosted by the Weasley twins

‘Wizards of Baking’ premieres this holiday season.

On May 24, 2024 by Mike Hadge

Internet reacts to Eugene leaving the Try Guys

‘Part of my heart is missing’: The internet reacts to Eugene Lee Yang departing the ‘Try Guys’

Eugene Lee Yang has left for greener pastures.

On May 23, 2024 by Mike Hadge

Former Disney employee: gay men are usually inside of tall park characters

Former Disney parks employee says the characters going viral on TikTok are probably played by gay men

Certain Disney park pals might share a common trait.

On May 23, 2024 by Mike Hadge

Romy Mars smiling(L), Romy Mars' album cover(r)

Sofia Coppola’s daughter Romy Mars soft-launches music career a year after her infamous ‘pasta’ TikTok

The Coppola daughter, who went viral last year, is making moves.

On May 22, 2024 by Mike Hadge

hagmaxxer: Silohuetted couple going in for a kiss where woman says 37 and man says 20

‘In my hagmaxxer era’: A new term just dropped to describe age-gap relationships

A new Gen-Z term just dropped and the internet is divided.

On May 22, 2024 by Mike Hadge

Jojo Siwa (three split)

Jojo Siwa messily celebrated turning 21 at Disney World—and shared it all on TikTok

The ‘Karma’ singer made a whole thing of it at Epcot.

On May 21, 2024 by Mike Hadge

Martin Scorsese's daughter(l), Martin and his daughter posing with statue(c), Martin Scorsese(r)

‘Dad, it’s a TikTok’: Martin Scorsese steps in to direct daughter Francesca’s TikTok

The Oscar winner takes on a smaller scale project.

On May 21, 2024 by Mike Hadge

match each others freak

Inspired by Tinashe’s ‘Nasty,’ people are sharing perfect couples who ‘match each other’s freak’

The trend has provided evidence that yes, there's someone for everyone.

On May 21, 2024 by Mike Hadge

Three split of people singing

‘I did my dance one time on TikTok’: Drake track ‘went viral with it’ teaching people how to sing

Now you too can discover whether or not you can sing, Drake-style!

On May 21, 2024 by Mike Hadge

Henry Winkler's annual fishing trip is the best thing on X

‘My favorite time of the year online’: Henry Winkler’s annual fishing trip captivates users on X

The Fonz himself continues to give the internet its most ‘happy days.’

On May 20, 2024 by Mike Hadge

Four Seasons Baby spawns 'conscious baby' discussion on TikTok

‘That baby is fully sentient’: The internet can’t stop talking about the ‘Four Seasons Baby’

The latest TikTok sensation has everyone rethinking babies.

On May 20, 2024 by Mike Hadge

Best memes from the Dublin-NYC portal

The best part of the NYC-Dublin ‘portal’ was the endless memes

The installation had to be temporarily closed due to ‘inappropriate behavior.’

On May 18, 2024 by Mike Hadge

hot ones chicken shop emmys

‘Hot Ones,’ ‘Chicken Shop Date,’ and ‘Good Mythical Morning’ are all eligible for Emmys this year

Three popular YouTube shows are playing with the big boys.

On May 17, 2024 by Mike Hadge

boy room tiktok

‘What’s with the steering wheel?’: TikTok’s ‘Boy Room’ takes us inside the apartments of twentysomething dudes

We take a look into the Rachel Coster-hosted TikTok series.

On May 17, 2024 by Mike Hadge

avril lavigne conspiracy theory

‘It could be worse’: Avril Lavigne finally addresses clone replacement conspiracy

The 21-year-old conspiracy remains, let’s say, ‘complicated’.

On May 16, 2024 by Mike Hadge