protests at ferguson missouri after nightfall

The audience has only grown.

A Ferguson, Mo., police officer threatened to shoot a journalist in the face in front of a livestream with over 45,000 viewers, just after 11pm, nearly an hour before the second night of the town’s controversial curfew was meant to come into effect.

The journalist’s apparent offense was filming the protests.

“Get that light off,” the cop tells the reporter, “or you’re getting shot.”

Here’s the full clip:

The reporter says the cop pointed a gun in his face, and that the other policemen refused to tell him the name of that officer.

Volunteer-run KARG Argus Radio, whose coverage has been led by Moustafa Hussein, has been broadcasting a livestream of the Ferguson protests since the day they broke out, following the death of Michael Brown after being shot six times by local police officer Darren Wilson. In addition to clashes between police and protestors, the media and police have repeatedly butted heads, including seeing reporters hit with tear gas and chased from the scene.

After the policeman left, said Hussein, his fellow cops refused to name the aggressor. Hussein said he spoke to a captain on the Ferguson police force and set up a meeting about the incident, scheduled for Monday, where he will attempt to get the name of the officer who threatened him.

The death threat against Hussein was far from the only confrontation between media and police on Sunday night.

You can watch more of the Argus stream here:

Screenshot via Livestream

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Ferguson autopsy report shows Michael Brown was shot 6 times
Autopsy report shows Michael Brown was shot six times.
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