Checking in at the DNC

As the Republicans unpack their bags from a successful, though at times bizarre, convention in Tampa, Fla., the Democrats are gearing up for a week in Charlotte, N.C. There, notable party members will make the case to re-elect President Barack Obama, before he formally accepts his party’s nomination on Thursday night.

Of course, in the age of social media, there are plenty of places to get your political fix online. Here’s a rundown of where you should look to stay up-to-date on the convention happenings.

On YouTube
Just like last week, YouTube’s newly minted politics page will be one of the best places to see the event as every speech and tribute is live streamed. The Democratic Party has also set up its own YouTube page where people will be able to check out convention highlights. Although the convention was still just getting under way on Monday, there are already a few videos, including one about prepping the massive convention center.

On Twitter
As always, Twitter might be one of the best places to get an idea of what’s happening on the convention floor, as it happens. While there will be many people tweeting from the event, two of the most important accounts to follow will be the official convention account @DemConvention and Democratic Party Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida @DWStweets.

On Facebook
The Democrats were active in responding to the Republican Convention via Facebook – including this popular post in response to the #Eastwooding craze. There’s no doubt that once the Democrats kick off their party, its official Facebook page will be kept up-to-date. And you can’t forget the party’s two most important members, President Obama and Joe Biden.

On Tumblr
Just like last week, if you’re looking for a little context with your convention coverage, then Tumblr is a great spot for you to settle in. The blogging site has all posts about the Democratic convention gathered on one page – one-stop shopping for political junkies, if you will.

On Instagram
Tired of reading tweets and Tumblrs? Want your dose of politics in an easy square dose? Easy. Instagram will have plenty of DNC coverage throughout the week, and the hashtag #DNC2012 was already taking off this past weekend.

On iPhones
As always, when it comes to social media, the Democrats might be one step ahead of their conservative counterparts. Although there were a few applications created for the Republican convention, none were official. DNC 2012 from AT&T is the official convention app and includes guides to the city, stories of the convention and – as always – a way to donate money to the party.

Image via Barack Obama/Facebook

Justin Franz

Justin Franz

Justin Franz is a Montana-based reporter and photographer who wrote about web culture for the Daily Dot. His work has more recently appeared in Flathead Living Magazine, Trains Magazine, and Travel + Leisure.