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This tiny device is here to help improve your productivity

Life is more than just a roll of the dice! That joke will make sense once you click through to the article.


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No matter how together you might be, most people want to be more productive. And though no one product can magically make you get more stuff done, the TimeFlip Magnet comes pretty close.

It’s simple and clever: this dodecahedron (a 12-sided die, for everyone who doesn’t play D&D) is labeled with different everyday tasks like email, phone, or exercise. When you start one task, you put that item on top, and when you move on to another one, you flip the device to the next task. An integrated app keeps track of how long you spend on each, giving you real-time stats on how long everything takes you that you can use to make your day more efficient. Probably by cutting out avocado toast.

Regularly $59.99, you can pick your TimeFlip Magnet up in the Daily Dot Store for just $44.99.

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