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Find out why everyone’s obsessed with these stress-busting toys

Release tension and increase focus at work with these handheld accessories.


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We all know the feeling: it feels like it’s 5pm, but it’s actually only noon? Ugh. That’s why we’ve rounded up a couple of popular desk toys designed to work out those “this day’s never gonna end” jitters. From finger-occupying cube to zen spinner, we’ve got everything you need to help get you through the day – no chewed pens or silly putty needed.

1. Stress Blocks

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For the wandering mind, Stress Blocks have six different sides, each with its own unique mini game. Not only addicting, but way better for you than wandering into the kitchen for more potato chips.

Buy now: Get one now for $14.99, reduced from $24.

2. Stress Spinner

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Need to still your mind? Then grab a Stress Spinner, and give it a twirl between your fingers. The ceramic weight is soothing and perfect for maintaining your focus.

Buy now: Get one for $13.99, 76% off the original price of $60.

3. Ultimate Fidgeters Bundle

Conflicted? We get it, some days you want some mental play and others you just want to chill out. The Ultimate Fidgeters Bundle includes both the toys above, so you’ll have plenty to play with the next time you need to tear your eyes away from the computer for the sake of your own sanity.


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