Selfie addicts have more reason to install the newest iOS 9 update

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Although you’ll have to wait until November to have the ability to send your pals the taco or middle finger emoji, there’s at least one function iOS device-toting individuals can start benefiting from: a photo folder exclusively for selfies.

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That’s right—rather than painstakingly perusing your Camera Roll to select the best well-lit and angled self-portraits to save, Apple users may now access all their front-facing snapshots in one neat little folder. In one go, you may also delete forever those you took while inebriated that sort of make you look like hot garbage. Hooray for selfie obsessives everywhere!


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Apart from an improved photo album organization (there’s also a new Screenshots folder, for your stolen Snapchats and personal private message archives), there’s also a smattering of new tweaks that are currently appeasing a majority of people who’ve downloaded and installed the recent update. 

The new OS has a snazzy new system font (it’s called San Francisco, the same font used in the Apple Watch), an easier way to search through Settings, and a battery-saving mode that can be activated when you dip to 20 percent juice. When toggled, the latter feature will put a pause on mail retrieval, automatic downloads, and apps refreshing in the background, among other things; your device will automatically jump out of low power mode after you plug it in and it has received some charge.

Apple’s iOS 9 update is full of goodies, but the selfie folder has to be one of our favorites.

Photo via Susanne Nilsson/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

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