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How to stop apps from tweet-jacking your Twitter account

Sometimes we accidentally grant apps permission to post to Twitter for us. Here’s how to stop that from happening. 


Kate Knibbs


It’s a simple mistake, but one that can clog your Twitter feed: Giving apps permission to post from your account can lead to embarrassing automated tweets, like a daily post telling everyone how many people unfollowed you.  

Here’s how to stop this from happening:

To prevent tweets from getting automatically posted to your account before it happens, always check to see what permission you’re granting.

As you can see, this app wants to post to Twitter for me. So I’m not going to grant it permission. That means I can’t use it as is, which sucks. But I’d rather look for an app that does the same thing without broadcasting my business to the world; some apps allow you the option to opt out of authorizing them to post tweets for you without preventing you from using them. 

But sometimes we click without realizing what we’re permitting. To get rid of these automated posts, you need to log on to your Twitter account and de-authorize the offending app.

First, click on the settings icon on the righthand side of your Twitter account (I’m showing you how to do it on desktop, but you can do it from mobile too, and it’s the same process.) There’s a dropdown menu. Choose “Settings.” 

On the left-hand side of the screen, there’s a list of options. Pick “Apps.”

This will show you all of the apps you granted permission to access your Twitter.


Find the app that is posting from your account and revoke access. Feel powerful. The world is a smooth oyster and you are cracking it open with your strong teeth.

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